• Google dynamic search ads - DSA bring out new options for targeting and stats

Dynamic search ads – DSA bring out new options for targeting and stats

Dynamic search ads (DSA) are the simplest way to acquire new customers. With new updates, they bring even more options for targeting and new stats that will help you to improve your campaign.

DSA uses the content of your e-shop website to target campaigns to fill in the blank spaces in your campaign based on keywords. That one may fail to show some products that contain long-tail or low search volume keywords.

With the new update of DSA, Google allows you to target on all landing pages used in your standard text ads. You just need to click the option “landing pages from all standard ad groups” in the list of available categories.

You can even choose concrete pages based on their performance. In the section Dynamic ad target you can enter concrete pages Google will work with when targeting. Just as you can target specific pages, you can add them as negative targets. Exclude in particular those where the product is not in stock and so forth.

To find out which pages are worth targeting, you can check their popularity in new stats. You will find these in Search term stats under Dynamic ad targets.

Thanks to our unique tool BlueWinston you can now create Google dynamic search ads even for products. Each product that cannot be advertised solo (because of low search volume status) can be advertised in Google Search thanks to our fully automated tool.

Read more about DSA campaigns and find out how to get the best of them based on our practices!


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