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Email notifications with more accurate error descriptions

We wanted to improve our error handling and tracking systems so that errors that sometimes occur could be easily corrected. With this update, we can find specific errors that you can correct and notify you via email. We hope that with frequent error updates and their corrections your campaigns can be improved and can run even more smoothly.

You can check the errors directly in the BlueWinston UI next to each campaign – errors, warnings, comments, and successes.

The most common errors that occur in the BlueWinston campaigns are:

1. Expired subscription

The campaign stopped updating from BlueWinston to Google Ads. Reason is the expired subscription.

2. Capitalization

There are words in the ads that are capitalized and Google does not allow such words.

We recommend that you check ad template settings in BlueWinston and select the option to automatically remove capitalization in them.

3. Incorrect Ad spacing

Below you can see an example of an email notification stating that there are incorrect spaces in the ads. We recommend checking the product names in the XML feed.

4. Incorrect characters in the ad

It is prohibited to use some special characters in advertisement. Below you can see an example of an incorrect “>” character in the ad.

In BlueWinston you can remove the character in bulk via this setting in the ad templates:

We will gradually add the most common errors and their possible solutions.

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