Emojis in your URL – BW Update 1.43.0

We bring you another update of BlueWinston. We added several new functions. 

1. Emoji for ads

We added a new function of emojis. Now you can use them in your URL to make your page look better. You can’t use emojis in the headline or description. You can’t copy emoji from somewhere else, we added special UI so you can pick emoji you like.¬† If you have emoji in your XML product data feed, it will be directly marked as a BadWord. Every emoji counts as 4 symbols. That means you can use only 3 emojis at the same time.

bluewinston emoji ui

Also, you can use words to search for specific emoji, keep in mind, that you need to use only English words for now. Selected emoji is automatically added in the path2 of your URL. If you want it in your path1 you can copy it from the path2.

2. A missing or unmapped tag value

Missing or unmapped tag value when creating a merchant feed in Google product category is ignored and the update will go without these values.

3. More information in case of the wrong XML

We added more information in the case of the wrong XML product data feed. Now, there is also displayed the size of an XML file, which BW parsed plus .NET error, where you can find out what’s wrong.


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About the Author:

Consultant for online business and marketing. Holder of every Google Ads certification. Account manager for BlueWinston and Shopping in EU. CSS Hero. Gamer.