Even BlueWinston helps… Now in 3D!

Everyone tries to help as much as possible. Financially or materially. We at BlueWinston are no exception and we have decided to put the 3D printer to work.

Over the period of the last two weeks, Slovakia was paralyzed by the COVID-19 virus, and a number of organizations have been set up to help health professionals and people in need. Entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers, and even ordinary people are helping the cause.

One of the initiatives is Help the Hospital (Pomôž nemocnici), a Slovak website, which provides protective shields for medical professionals in Slovakia, so the medical staff can protect themselves against possible virus infection. One way to help is to print 3D parts from which the shields are subsequently made.

Fortunately, the BlueWinston team has not one, but two 3D printers, so we’re working hard to print as many shield parts as possible.

Watch the production process in the following video:

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