Product Search & Shopping Ads in Google: Shopify Plugin


Product Search & Shopping Ads in Google

Create your product campaigns in 5 minutes

The BlueWinston tool is used to automate product campaigns using an XML feed. Manage your smart shopping campaigns, text ads, DSA campaigns and text campaigns for product categories easily and quickly. All campaigns can be edited, optimized and evaluated from the BlueWinston interface.

Automatize Product Campaigns

Information Directly from the Product Feed

Optimization of the Campaigns
by Scripts

  • Creation of product campaigns, an overview of results, optimization
  • Creating keywords and long tails
  • Innovative template for creating text ads
  • Notifications that help improve campaign results
  • Google scripts and automated rules for optimization
  • Campaign reports – Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, Conversions value, Costs, Conversion rate, Cost per Conversion, ROAS
  • 24/7 support

Ad types

  • Product Text Ads
  • Product-group Text Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads for Products
  • Smart Shopping Ads

Automatic generation of keywords from the XML product feed

With BlueWinston, create automated ads, based on keywords for each individual product in your e-shop.

  • Low advertising costs
  • Create text ads in 5 minutes
  • Always up-to-date product information – synchronization every 6 hours
  • Highly targeted ads for products in the e-shop

BlueWinston introduces an innovative shortening method that gives you with just one click suggestions for long-tail keywords without the lengthy and complicated process with regular expressions or need to use additional paid tools.

In addition, automatically pauses ads for products that are already sold out, while automatically creating additional ads for those products that are new in your e-shop.

Create your product campaigns in 5 minutes with our BlueWinston Shopify plugin.