Ferex.sk achieved +437% ROI and 0,24€ per click thanks to Blue Winston

About the client

Ferex.sk is a fast-growing eshop selling a wide range of products including garden and workshop tools and machinery, garden tool houses, garbage containers and trash bins, pergolas, carports, greenhouses, street furniture and much more.

Average cost per click

Problem solved thanks to product ads automation PPC tool

The initial concept of the Ads campaigns, like the eshop itself, was rather modest. It contained just a few generic product categories – wheelbarrows, garden tool houses, and garbage containers. One campaign manager and a handful of ad groups were more than enough to take care of the whole project.

As the eshop started to grow, however, it became apparent that this manual approach wouldn’t suffice eventually. Dozens of products with distinct and specific parameters and brands started to be added and it was neither realistic, nor reasonable to try to keep up manually with the growth. The project moved to much more competitive segment where highly specific ads containing brands, parameters and prices are a must. Blue Winston proved to be the right tool to do the job.

How Blue Winston helped

BlueWinston - PPC product campaigns automation toolSince not all the product categories and their respective market segments require this level of automation, Blue Winston campaigns are thought of not as a substitute, but rather a complement to manual campaigns. Therefore there is no point in “before and after” comparisons or even “manual versus automated” ones.

The client’s goal was to keep up with fast expansion of the eshop, enter new market segments and be able to compete with big competitors despite of a relatively small budget. Using a category filter and a minimum price limit 419 products were evaluated as suitable, 143 of which contain 465 eligible keywords in total.

The initial goal was met successfully – both Blue Winston campaigns (a product one and a group one) are profitable and continue to help the client to stay flexible and competitive even among the strong competition.

About PPC Centrum

PPC Centrum is an agency that specializes in PPC advertising for clients from different segments. In 7 years we have gained experience with a wide range of clients.
We often get recommended by our clients because we provide them with services aimed at attracting clients and customers not only to the traditional general issues, but also to the specific problems that our client’s services or products will resolve. We are proud that all our clients have started working with us on the basis of recommendations and most of our clients have been using our services for several years.

In addition to common PPC services, we also provide clients with CRO (conversion rate optimization), in-depth data analysis, A/B testing landing pages, and perfect Slovak, English, Russian and Hungarian localization of ads.

We use BlueWinston.com not only for e-shop clients, but also for clients with a wide range of services, where manual management and campaign creation would be impossible or time-consuming.



Segment: garden equipment/machinery
Number of product campaigns: 1
Number of product-group campaigns: 1
Number of eligible products with eligible keywords: 143 (34% of total products)
Total number of products in campaigns: 419
Eligible keywords vs. total keywords: 465 / 3431

Total number of products in campaigns
Eligible keywords
CTR (%)Avg. positionAvg. cost per clickAvg. Cost / Conv.Conv. rateROI (%)
7,8 %2.40.24 EUR37.86 EUR0.65 %+ 437 %


Product performance campaigns

CTR (%)Avg. positionAvg. cost per clickAvg. Cost / Conv.Conv. rateROI (%)
7,29 %1.90.28 EUR59.67 EUR0.47 %+ 323 %


Product-Group performance campaigns

CTR (%)Avg. positionAvg. cost per clickAvg. Cost / Conv.Conv. rateROI (%)
9,23%3.70.17 EUR16.05 EUR1.04 %+ 860 %

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