• Get the most from expanded text ads

Get the most from expanded text ads!

Twice as much space for your ad? Not a problem anymore! Google Ads has introduced a new version of expanded text ads (ETA) that offers you more space to engage with your potential customers.

ETA brings along several benefits that can, however, turn into stumbling blocks. That is why you do not only get to read about its possibilities and specifics here but also about the risks to avoid.

Why should you actually care about the expanded text ads?

It is one of the most revolutionary features in Google Ads. They are characterized by extended space, in which you can describe your product in detail and so reach out to potential customers. You can try out various types of messages to convince those people to click your page and buy the product.

That does, however, involve the risk of unnecessarily long descriptions, we write about further. Generally, it ETA proved as more efficient in click-through rate (CTR), as they can offer more information about the product.

Expanded vs. regular text ads

Despite of its similarity to regular text ads, ETA differs in several basic features:

  •        Now you can create three titles, each within the length of 30 characters. They are separated by vertical bar “|”.
  •        Another place for description has been added, which can be as long as the first one – 90 characters.
  •        The display URL domain is based on the landing page domain. If you have a subdomain, it will be added as well.
  •         The display URL can be customized thanks to two path fields. Potential clients will have a better picture of where they will be redirected after clicking through.

Expanded text ads in mobile devices

Maybe you have been wondering if it is possible for so much content to be displayed on mobile devices. Surprisingly, ETAs are firstly designed to maximize the performance in the mobile device search. And what is being displayed correctly in the mobile device, is also shown correctly at the desktop. When creating the ad, you have available the final preview for both desktop and mobile devices.

Do not ruin ETA´s potential

More space can similarly lead to more disadvantages. The biggest of them is that the wider space can pull you down to creating unnecessary descriptions people are not interested in. Attempt to keep it straightforward – work with the keywords, raise people´s need for action (CTA). Remember that in most cases people are looking for a product that will solve their problems. Emphasize the uniqueness of yours, its functionality, qualities, and benefits. If you are struggling to create the right content, continue to read our blog on how to create a good text ad.

That applies also to the titles. If you overstuff it with keywords, they will not be consistent neither comprehensive. Offer a value instead. Many of your potential clients will only read the titles. Use CTA phrases already here.

Keywords do not necessarily belong to the displayed URL as well. Customizable path fields should be used for an overview. For instance, if your product is trekking shoes, the displayed URL can look like this: www.domain.com/outdoor/shoes.

Expanded text ads are Google´s most revolutionary news since introducing AdWords. Since January 2017 ETAs have fully replaced classical text ads, but there are still plenty of questions about how to use them. This short overview should not only introduce you to the specifics and news of this ad type, but also warn you about the potential risks linked to its usage. We believe that now you will be capable to use them for 110%!

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