Get up to 20% off Shopping Ads with Google Shopping CSS Partner

Get up to 20% off Google Shopping Ads with Google’s unique CSS partner If you switch Google Merchant from Google CSS to partner CSS when creating Shopping Ads, you will save on your ads. Without any additional charges!

Thanks to, Slovak and Czech (also from 19 other European Economic Area countries) sellers can take advantage of up to 20% discount on advertising in Google Shopping. You may either receive even more clicks on your ad for the same price, or you save costs. That means if you pay € 1 today, maintaining your current results will cost you 80 cents.

What is the Google CSS Program?

In 2017, Google was fined by the European Commission for monopoly behavior in the market, disadvantaging price comparators. That’s why the company decided to come up with a new CSS program that allows price comparators to use lower CPCs for their customers to compete with Google Shopping CSS. In addition to providing room for your products to appear, the price comparator can also give you up to 20% off of the CPC costs of your Shopping ads.

No change in account organization

Taking advantage of the discount does not require any change to the account organization. You do not pay a CSS partner, but Google Ads still charges your credit or debit card while applying the discount you’re entitled to. With Shopping in EU, you don’t have to worry about the daily advertising limits, since there are none.

How can you use this discount?

The only thing that changes is the performance of your ads, keeping your current investment in them. You ask how?

  1. Increase turnovers

If you have a perfect return on investment (ROI), you can keep your current bidding setting to increase your turnover. Impressions and clicks begin to increase after a while. If you keep the same investment in your ads, like 1€, the impact of the discount is the same as if you had increased your bids by 25%.

If you’d like to raise your bids, your ad will in reaction display even more, but it may no longer be entirely relevant to search queries and therefore the change may not be reflected in clicks (leading to a lower CTR).

  1. Increase profits

However, you can also opt for a strategy of keeping current performance at a 10-20% reduction in investment. This will help your ad show for more relevant search queries, resulting in higher profitability.

We recommend starting with this strategy – maintaining volume and increasing profitability. Only after seeing the first results, then move on to strategy 1.

The main reasons to choose Shopping in EU

If you decide to take advantage of up to 20% off your Shopping advertising, Shopping in EU offers several advantages:

Some partners ask for percentual fees, others a fixed fee… Thanks to Shopping in EU you can enjoy up to 20% discount for free by giving a primary link to your Google Ads account. 100% independence is guaranteed, and the service can be canceled at any time. There is no required notice period.

By taking advantage of the discount and granting a primary link to your Google Ads account, you will not notice any change in your account’s operating system. Only the performance of your ads will change. At the same time, your products will also be included in the price comparator

If you are interested in the offer but are not yet advertising through Google Shopping, do not worry! With our 24/7 support, we’ll help you set up the necessary accounts for advertising, and our BlueWinston tool will prepare fully automated Shopping campaigns to get you started right away.


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