Google Ads Express: Create your ad in just 15 minutes

Do you want to let people know about your products, but don’t have the enough time to invest to advertising? Or is Google Ads a labyrinth for you to, too complex to orientate in? So pay attention now, because we will tell you how to advertise your products without unnecessarily time-consuming process of creating multiple accounts or setting bid strategies.

Google Ads Express, also known as AdWords Express, is the result of Google’s efforts to simplify the ad creation process. It is a good alternative for retailers who have a lower budget or limited time for ad creation. Just tell Google a little about your business and let machine learning do the rest.

Instead of lengthy settings of bid strategies to which retailers have been exposed, they can now fully engage in their business strategy or enjoy their free time.

How to get started with Google Ads Express?

To get started, you don’t need more than your business category, ad copy, a destination to send people who click your ad, and a maximum monthly budget.

To create an account and start advertising, you need a Google My Business page. No need to create separate accounts in Google Ads, Analytics, or the Merchant Center, just these few clicks. Then you upload the necessary data to Google Ads Express and start advertising.

Pros: Set up ads without experience

You can set up your ad, following the simple process outlined above. It’s fast. You don’t have to worry about creating and choosing keywords that take the most time to set up, alongside with the creation of the right strategy. You don’t even need to know how to set up PPC. These are all things that machine learning will take care of. Plus – it’s free.

Cons: Fast process at the expense of statistics and detailed settings

If you want to know more about your ad performance, we may disappoint you at this point. Google Ads Express doesn’t offer more detailed statistics about people who are clicking on your ad or whether they are converting.

Similarly, you cannot deal with more detailed settings, such as bids, strategies, and so on. The possibilities of Google Ads Express end with setting your monthly budget. This is the main difference between Google Ads Express and classic Google Ads – the degree of control of your ads and campaigns. Google Ads offers incomparably more options to customize your ad to achieve the desired result. So it’s up to you whether you prefer to create your ad quickly or customize your settings at the expense of free time.

Advantage for small businesses

Although Google Ads Express is designed for everyone, and in spite of its benefits, it should not be used by everyone. It is better to approach it with caution and also think about the benefits of hiring a professional to set up effective advertising through Google Ads at the cost of results.

Google Ads Express is especially useful for small businesses that cannot afford to work with various PPC agencies or specialists to set up their ads. With this service, it is not necessary to invest more than a monthly budget, from with you’ll be charged based on pay-per-click (PPC) principle. That is, only when a potential customer clicks on your ad.


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