Google Ads extensions – how to use them?

Are you thinking about ways to boost your ad and outstand the competition? We strongly recommend you trying extensions for your Google Ads.

Small elements you can add to your ad to make it more interactive and engaging for potential customers. These are extensions for Google Ads. Unfortunately, they are a double-edged sword… Before you start using them, let’s have a look at what extensions are, how you can use them properly, and why it is worth using them.

Extensions – a great way to increase the CTR of your ads

A Google ad typically consists of some headlines, description and a landing page for which you have a limited number of characters. You can enrich this baseline with more information about your business to interact better with your potential customers. This adds value to your ad.

We call these additional information extensions and they are automated or manual elements that complement your ad. They are available for free, so you don’t pay for using them. If they are used, for example, if someone calls you by clicking the button, you pay per click by default.

Google offers a variety of extensions to enhance your ad. For example, the ability to call, write a message, locate you on the map, and more. We look at specific extensions in detail in a separate blog.

Extensions don’t appear in your ad all the time. They show if they have the potential to improve your ad performance, or if your ad has a high position and Ad Rank. You must have a minimum Ad Rank to show your extensions. To achieve this, you may need to adjust your ad’s bid or its quality.

Why should you use extensions?

Extensions for Google ads are free and they will increase your ad’s overall performance, especially your clickthrough rate (CTR) by a few percentage points. Higher CTR can result in more revenue and return on investment – and that is what you want to achieve as an online retailer.

On the other hand, extensions allow you to make your ad copy more creative. Replace the CTA phrases that encourage people to take action with different buttons, and you can focus in your copy more on the product, service, or your e-shop as a whole.

Don’t be heavy-handed

As mentioned at the beginning – extensions are a double-edged sword. Just as they can help you increase your CTR, they can also decrease your ad´s Quality Score and CTR. Why?

You should keep in mind that you should not be heavy-handed with the extensions. The equation is not that the more extensions, the higher the CTR. Well, maybe it is, but with one more added word: The more relevant extensions, the higher the CTR. If you use extensions that are not related to your ad, it decreases you ad´s relevance that is a part of Quality Score. This also has a negative impact on overall ad performance.

Therefore, if you choose to use specific extensions, use those that support your ad goal – if your goal is to get calls, use the call button, but not those that do not support that goal in any way.

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