Google introduces seasonal adjustments for Smart Bidding

It often happens that the sales of the products on your e-shop depend on a specific season. It can be, for example, the season, but also a short-term fluctuations in the form of sales or the launch of a new product. Of course, this seasonality also has an impact on the online advertising of the products. With new updates from Google, smart bidding gets better adapted to these changes.

Smart bidding strategies like Target CPA or ROAS use machine learning to adjust your ad settings to reach the best performance. Smart offers take into account long-term seasonal events, but if you are expecting a big and short-term event (such as the introduction of a new product as mentioned above), the machine learning may have trouble registering and adapting accordingly. Google came up with a solution.

Google will now allow seasonal adjustments for your Search and Display campaigns. These adjustments allow you to adjust Smart Bidding machine learning by entering historically observed behavior of your campaigns at specific events. You’ll then be able to apply the adjustments to periods when you expect similar events, such as sales or new product launches.

Example: If you have observed that your conversion rate has increased by 50% over the four days of previous sales, you can add this value as a predicted conversion rate for upcoming sales. During the set time period, Smart Bidding will take this adjustment into account to customize other settings.

How to create a seasonal adjustment?

You can create a seasonal adjustment for Smart Bidding easily in your Google Ads account by clicking the wrench icon in the top right corner. In the Bid strategies section, click Advanced settings. For the new seasonal adjustment, it is necessary to create a title and description. Next, you set the date on which this adjustment should be applied and save the settings.

Recommended period for a seasonal adjustment is 1-7 days. They may not work as expected for wider periods of time, which could jeopardize your ad performance.

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