Google is changing the look of results on desktop Search

The new update from Google brings a new view of both paid (advertised) and organic results in Search. After this update has been applied to mobile devices, it also comes to desktop versions. 

Recently, Google has posted on Twitter a news they have prepared for desktop version of Search. This includes a new label for sponsored posts, that is, ads created via Google Ads.

With ads a black “Ad” tag will be displayed, instead of the website icon that will appear for organic posts, indicating a sponsored result. Icons and ad labels will be still displayed with the display URL, now located above the ad title. Until now, the green “Ad” label was displayed next to the display URL below the ad title.

Example of google ads in the google search

Changing the look of search results in the form of a relocated display URL and a displayed web icon will affect not only paid search results, but organic ones as well. At the same time, this new look reduces the visible difference between paid and organic results.



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