Google launched Policy manager for Ads

After slow removal of average position as one of the essential metrics, Google rolled out another new feature, it’s called Policy manager and it will be available already this month.

Policy manager is responsible for alerting advertisers in case they are violating any of the advertising policies in Google Ads. Sometimes it can be even unintentional mistakes that can lead to the violation. Policy manager will help you to avoid them.

How does it work?

Since April 2019 you are able to monitor restrictions regarding ads, keywords or any extensions in your account. In the past, you were already able to see problems of your ad by simply hovering over it. This feature is about to get better. However, most recently, in some cases you will be already notified of violations in real-time when creating your ads.

Not violating any policies? Submit an appeal

In case you do not agree that your ad or your account are violating the policies, you can submit an appeal. Google will review them once again and reconsider whether a mistake was made. You will be able to track the whole process thanks to statuses in your Policy manager.

More updates are coming soon

The feature is not in its final version. Google speaks about new updates that will help you to fix your ads or keep your history of appeals and certifications related to your account. The process of appeals is about to get simpler too.

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