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Google Merchant: Build your product data

Once you’re done creating and setting up your Merchant account, it’s time to create and upload your product data. 

Primary and supplemental feeds

Before you start reading this, you should visit our previous blog. A feed is a file that contains all the information about the products you sell. Attributes that allow customers to search for your items across the Google Network provide different information about your products. Feeds can be primary and supplemental.

Primary feeds are the primary source of your product data.

Supplemental feeds can be used to provide additional information to meet Merchant Center requirements.

Multi-source feeds

The advanced feed features have different tools that allow you to create a feed in Merchant Center based on raw product data from different sources, such as the web or existing spreadsheets. The Merchant Center will then modify this data to meet all requirements.

If you’re wondering what feed files should look like and which are supported, please continue with reading our next article.

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