Google quietly introduced new image extensions

Do you find text ads unattractive because they lack product visuals? Shopping ads aren’t for you for they are missing the space to closely introduce the product? Google has prepared a solution – new image extensions to boost your text ad.

Extensions for Google ads are a great way to make your ads more interactive for users and hence more engaging. We have already spoken about how they work and what are their key benefits in one of our older blogs. To extensions that you are used to, Google has introduced a new one – image extensions.

Google has been playing with this concept for a long time. This year at Google Marketing Live, they announced the launch of gallery ads, which made it possible to create ads with images in other way than using Shopping ads.

Add images to classic text ads

New image extensions will appear alongside your text ad. This way, customers will see the product you’re advertising, just as they do in Shopping ads. However, you still have room for product description and call-to-action.

It’s easy to set up – just turn them on in the Extensions section and machine learning will do the rest. Google will use a picture from your landing page. This means it is a dynamic extension whose content cannot be changed directly. You can only change the image you use on your landing page.

Before running the image extension, you must confirm that you have the right to use these images.

Ads image extension example

Why should you care?

First of all, it is an interesting enrichment of purely text ads, which does not have to be attractive for the customer. At the same time, unlike in Shopping ads, you still have the option to provide your potential customers with important product information or encourage them to purchase. This will improve your ad performance and attract more potential customers.

Another benefit of image extensions is that using it will help improve your Ad Rank, which affects ad’s position on Search.

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