• Google will donate 304 mil.€ to businesses

Google will donate 304mil. € to sellers in the form of a Google Ads credit

The current situation is very difficult, especially for small and medium-sized companies. COVID-19 has (and will continue to) affect the global economy. Many smaller businesses have ceased to operate or advertise due to the difficult situation. How to help them? Google has decided to distribute advertising credits of $ 340 million (approximately € 304 million). In this way, Google wants to support small and medium advertisers, healthcare organizations and governments and healthcare professionals in the front line of this global pandemic.

What are the conditions?

Your business must be small or medium-sized and must have an active account no later than 1 January 2019. If you have been an active advertiser since early 2019, a credit notification will appear in your Google Ads account in the coming months.

What is the reason Google offers this credit?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation of our communities. According to statistics, they account for about 90% (percent) of all businesses and more than half of the jobs worldwide. COVID-19 is an extra challenge for these businesses that may face the closure and reduction of revenue, even if they find ways to support and protect their employees. Google believes this credit will help reduce costs and help businesses run.

How and when will you receive this credit?

Small and medium-sized businesses worldwide that have been active advertisers since early 2019. Credit notifications will appear in your Google Ads account(s).

How long can you redeem this credit?

This Google Ads credit can be used at any time of the year and will expire on December 31, 2020. The unused portion will be removed from your Google Ads accounts.

How to use this credit effectively?

If you are not already using the so-called Smart Shopping Ads, it is now the best time to try them. In addition, you can get up to -20% discount for them thanks to our CSS service called Shopping in EU.

Where will this credit apply?

These ad credits can be used across the entire Google ad platform, including Search, Display, and YouTube, as well as all campaign types. If you are interested in official information, you can read an official article from Google for ongoing updates. Google will help many businesses, people and especially the economy.

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