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Guide: How to advertise books with BlueWinston? (1st part)

E-shops that sell books can use BlueWinston to automate the following Google search campaigns:

  • Text campaigns for book titles, authors, and special phrases
  • Smart Shopping campaigns for book titles
  • Category text campaigns

BlueWinston can greatly simplify Keyword and Ad creation. It also regularly updates Ads in the text campaigns. This can save you a bunch of time for campaign creation and management.

The advantages of using BlueWinston

1- Automated Keyword and Ad creation for:

  • book titles – product text campaigns, product-group text campaigns

  • author and his/her books – campaigns for authors and their books

  • phrases that users search for directly on the e-shops – campaigns for special terms

2- Regular price updates in the Ads

3- Automatic pausing and adding new items:

  • new books = automatic creation of keywords and ads

  • sold out books = automatic pausing the advertisement

  • new authors and their books = automatic keywords generation for new authors

  • new phrases = keywords from e-shop search results

4- Optimization scripts that automatically pause underperforming keywords and underperforming products

5- Smart Shopping campaigns for books, with advanced filtering (margins, prices, custom labels). When splitting products into separate campaigns, you can work with different budgets and bidding strategies.

Let’s explain how to create text campaigns for book titles.

Text campaigns for book titles

Keywords in BlueWinston are created from product names defined in the XML feed and it is possible to use truncation from the product name, as well as combinations of tags. As an example, let’s take the book The snow child by author Eowyn Ivey.

If the book has multiple translations, you can create keywords for all languages simultaneously in BlueWinston. The only condition is that everything has to be defined in the XML feed.

Keywords: Author full name + Book title

We can use tag combination and prefixes to create keywords like this:

  • eowyn ivey snow child author + book (without “the”)
  • eowyn ivey the snow child author + book (with “the”)
  • book eowyn ivey snow child prefix + author + book (without “the”)
  • book eowyn ivey the snow child prefix + author + book (with “the”)

Keywords: Author surname + Book title

We can also create keywords using author’s last name and book title:

  • ivey snow child author´s surname + book (without “the”)
  • ivey the snow child author´s surname + book (with “the)
  • book ivey snow child prefix + author´s surname + book (without “the”)
  • book ivey the snow child prefix + author´s surname + book (with “the”)

Keywords: Book title

We can also use the title of the book to create the keywords, and it would look like this:

  • the snow child name of the book
  • snow child name of the book (without “the”)
  • book the snow child prefix + book
  • book snow child prefix + book (without “the”)
snow child

With this kind of keyword creation, the user is taken to one specific product, in this case, the Snow Child book in your e-shop.

What tags do you need to have in the product XML feed?


   <id> 34 </id> // ID of the book

   <author_book> Eowyn Ivey The Snow Child</author_book>

   <url> URL for the book in your eshop </url>

   <price> 13.99 </price> // current price for the given book in the e-shop

   <author>Eowyn Ivey</author> // author’s name
  <book>The Snow Child</book>

   <product_type>Fiction | Social fiction</product_type> // the category the book is listed in the eshop

   <author_name> Eowyn </author_name> // the author’s first name

   <author_surname>Ivey <author_surname> // the author’s surname


If you have questions about how to prepare campaigns for books, let us know and we will eagerly help you with them.

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