How to hide some characters and different numbers from Ads?

1. How to hide some characters in Ads?

Sometimes you need to hide some words from Ads, for example b-stock, used, refurbished and so on. Go to BlueWinston > AdWords > Bad words > Insert custom bad word

In this case insert “b-stock”.

How to hide some characters and different numbers from Ads?

Feature for hiding bad words is defaultly switched on in Ads Creation. So, BlueWinston will hide also this bad word from any tags values and will create ads without this word.


2. How to hide different numbers in Ads?

To hide different numbers at the end of product names, e.g. “Alesis Vi49 (b-stock) #905604” go to Ads creation > Pattern > Options and choose Remove everything after this text from Product name. Type here your word, in this case “b-stock”. All characters from product name after this text will be removed from ads creation.


3. How to hide parenthesis in Ads?

To hide parenthesis “(” and “)” go to BlueWinston > AdWords > Bad Words and add these paranthesis as custom bad words. Ads will be created without these characters.


In product DSA campaigns is Ad headline dynamically generated and based on Google index on that particular product page on eshop, so we are not able to hide or remove some characters.

If you have any questions, you can contact as and we will be very happy to help you.

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