How did Camix achieve a ROAS of 7000% using product ads?

Camix is a British vendor of high-end photo equipment and accessories. Based in Leeds, they sell renowned brands from companies such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic both online and in-store. The popularity and high quality of services are also verified by highly rated reviews on Trustpilot.

What led the client to choose BlueWinston as a special tool for creating product ads?

The main use of the automated PPC tool was due to the number of products that the client has on the e-shop. With a large number of products, the manual creation of ads is very time-consuming and inefficient. Camix was therefore looking for a way to easily create ads targeted at a specific product.

On the other hand, the client also looked for something, that could create keywords for specific products that future customers would be looking for. BlueWinston can help with this issue due to the unique creation of keywords by shortening the product names from the XML feed.

How did BlueWinston help?

After mapping the tags from the XML feed, the tool created all keywords in a few seconds. This meant that the client could focus more on ad patterns. The tedious manual creation of keywords was eliminated, and the entire creation of the campaign took place within 10 minutes.

For the client, the unique advantage of the tool was that they can replicate all new product text campaigns from the original campaign. This meant less time was used for campaign creation since the client can make one campaign, and replicate it into multiple campaigns. They just had to change the filters and ad patterns in all new campaigns.

Campaign structure

The client divided the text campaigns into the following:

1. All products
2. Popular products
3. Products offered in the city of Leeds

In order to reach Shopping advertising and ensure dynamic remarketing, the client created two Performance Max campaigns. It should be noted here that one P. Max campaign runs without assets and the other runs with them being filled out completely.

Interestingly, the campaign without assets shows higher performance. We cover this issue of not having assets in P. Max campaigns on our blog.

As an excellent addition, the client also launched a text remarketing campaign, which is used by relatively few e-shops, but if you have the data, they can be extremely powerful.

How were keywords and ads created?

A unique method of product name shortening and a combination of tags was used to create Keywords.

When shortening product names for keyword creation, the rule “abbreviate + 2 words after the manufacturer” was set. The client also used the interesting prefix “buy” and removed some inappropriate words from the product names.

Prefix use and removed words from product names:

Keyword creation by tag combination:

Ad patterns

When creating the ad patterns, the client used the option of multiple Headlines, which were then pinned according to his preferences. This is a great example of how you firmly define the positions through the multiple headlines in the ads.

The client also used the keyword default option directly in Headline 2 and thus made the display of the ad even more efficient. This means that the text directly from the search can appear in the ad.

Thanks to these settings, Camix is achieving high ROAS every month and unique Product text ads have become an integral part of their Google Ads portfolio.

What does Camix say about Bluewinston?

I’m very happy with the Bluewinston Рservice and the technology on how to create & manage the campaigns.

Using Bluewinston to create and manage the campaigns is a straightforward and an easy process, and you will be able to drive conversions by adding or pointing the keywords or any other options that will help you reach your target. As a result, you may no longer have to pay others to handle your campaigns since you are in charge and top of it with the multiple options and campaigns types.

If you run a Bluewinston campaign for at least 6 weeks, I’m sure you will see a difference and I hope my review is helpful.

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