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Moyo UA: How did we help Moyo.ua with campaigns for each product?


MOYO.UA is one of the largest retailers of electronics, home appliances, and other consumer goods in Ukraine. They started the business by opening their first store in 2009. Since then their business boomed and right now they own a large e-shop with over 40.000 products. They also operate through 56 outlets in 29 cities like Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and others.

The problem we wanted to solve

PPC specialist Denis Banda was looking for a solution to automate Product Text campaigns for Moyo.ua. The goal was to find a solution to automatically create and update Keywords and Ads for Google search advertising.

Denis also wanted to split products into separate campaigns and therefore manage budgets and bidding strategies efficiently. His biggest request was to create Keywords and Ads automatically for all current and future products on the e-shop.

How did BlueWinston help?

Denis created 30 separate Product text campaigns in BlueWinston for different product categories. This way keywords were created for hundreds of products and they were created using the Tag combination method.

Since BlueWinston updates the data to Google Ads every 6 hours by default (frequency can be lowered), the prices and products are updated automatically.

This way you can be sure that if you have products that were sold out, the ads for those would be paused until you have them in stock and vice versa. If your prices on the e-shop change frequently you don’t have to worry, the BlueWinston updates those as well.

Product Text Campaigns

1. Product filtering

To separate products into multiple campaigns, Denis used filters in BlueWisnton and split products through the category tag defined in the XML feed.

This way he was able to select only certain product categories and the products within them and separate those through 30 campaigns for better optimization later on.

2. Keyword creation

Keywords for products were created from the product XML feed by using the Tag combination method. Denis used tags for Product Name, Model, and Manufacturer. He combined those with different prefixes so that the campaigns would have keywords with and without prefixes.


It took approximately 10 minutes to create one campaign for hundreds of products. Other campaigns were created even in a shorter time since you can copy settings from one campaign to all other campaigns of the same type.

3. Ad patterns

Ads are created and updated in campaigns for individual products previously selected in the filtering process. Each product in the campaign has 2 – 3 Responsive Search Ads set up with dynamically changed prices and Image Extensions.


What does PPC specialist Denis Banda think about results and BlueWinston?

Previously we were using Russian service for programmatic advertisement. So when the war started we refused to use anything Russian and came up with a process of finding a new solution. As far as we have tested a few services, BlueWinston looked like the best one – because of the heavy keyword creating tool, a usable preview of the ads, and a solution for adding product images to ads!

Campaigns evaluation

At the end of this case study, we can conclude that BlueWinston has managed to simplify and automate product advertising in Google search, and in the process, it brought marvelous results to the client even during the trial period of our tool. As a result, PPC specialist had more time to optimize the campaigns since the creation was done quickly.


As you can see when the campaigns are set up properly BlueWinston can bring great results. We always said that the base for good advertisement through our tool is a well-structured XML feed.

Since the conflict in Ukraine, all surrounding countries saw a rapid drop in online sales. Of course, events like that highly contribute to fear of survival and this also means not making rash decisions when purchasing products.

With this case study, we can safely say that even in the moments of great significance like people in Ukraine are having right now, online advertisement can and still is going strong.

At the end of the day, we have to remember to take care of each other and in these worrying times support local businesses if we are purchasing products online. Hard times will pass and it’s all of us that should make sure that local businesses survive them too.

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