How does HiFi Klubben use BlueWinston for unique Google Ads?

HiFi Klubben is one of Europe’s largest retail chains for high-quality HiFi, specializing in home audio. The company was founded in 1980 in Denmark and currently operates through 95 physical stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as five national online stores with average monthly traffic of over 1 million visits (source Similarweb).

Why did the client choose BlueWinton?

The high-end electronics segment is quite specific because the customers are frequently searching for a specific product or they know exactly what they want (they know the name of the product, brand, information about the performance, etc.). Since HiFi Klubben offers thousands of products, it was impossible to create such advertisements manually in Google Ads, and in addition, they operate in 5 different languages.

It should be noted that unique ads for each and every product can be made in Google Ads directly, but as soon as you pass the threshold of 50-100 products it becomes quite difficult to do so.

The client was looking for an effective and fast solution and BlueWinston could do exactly that and much more within a few minutes.

How did BlueWinston help?

The client didn’t want to divide the products according to individual categories or by other parameters. They instead created 3 different Product campaigns for the entire assortment and a separate category campaign via the custom feed. This way they covered almost all products that they have in stock.

Summary of the campaign types

1. Product text campaign (brand) → in this campaign the client created keywords in exact and phrase match type by using the brand name, e.g. “sony kd-32w800”. After clicking on the ad, the customer will be redirected to the specific product in the e-shop.

2. Group text campaign (brand) → in this campaign the client created keywords in exact and phrase match. These keywords were suitable for 2 or more products. After clicking on the ad the customer will be redirected to the e-shop, where they can choose from various alternatives (power, color, price, etc.).

3. Product text campaign (non-brand) → in this campaign the client created keywords only in the exact match type and the brand name was not included, e.g. [kd-32w800]. When the campaign gathered enough data we found out, that some customers search for products even without a brand, and even then after clicking on the ad, they get redirected to the one product on the e-shop.

4. Category campaign → in this campaign the client selected all product categories in the e-shop. This way if the customer is searching for e.g. subwoofer. After clicking on the ad, they will be redirected to the e-shop, where they can choose from the wide range (whole category) of subwoofers.

Keywords creation

Keywords in BlueWinston were created by shortening the product name. This means that the tool will generate multiple keywords for every product.

During the keyword creation, you can choose from various shortening options, match types, prefixes, tag combinations, duplicate/removal of words in keywords, and negative words selection.

Keyword generation is fully automatic so once the method is chosen BlueWinston will create keywords even for thousands of products.

Ad Patterns

Ad Pattern creation is simple and intuitive. You can create ads for all of your products by drag and drop method of the tags from the product XML feed. You can also pin the headlines and descriptions, cut them if they exceed the allowed length, add more headlines and descriptions, and much more.

BlueWinston then automatically creates ads for each product in the campaign. The biggest advantage is that the price changes dynamically and the ad group will automatically be paused if the product is sold out.

By default, BlueWinston does a routine check every 6 hours and updates the campaign. This is so that the tool can pause and unpause products that are in stock or get sold in the meantime.

The final look of the ads is displayed on the right side and you can refresh it to see how would the ads look for various products:

What does the HiFi Klubben say about Bluewinston?

“We have been using BlueWinston for the creation of all of our text ads at HiFi Klubben and have had great results using it. The interface is flexible, and we have managed to minimize the time we spend creating ads drastically. Creating keyword- and ad-variants is easy, and our keyword-coverage is significantly better than it was before.”

Christian Andersen
Senior SEM Specialist HiFi Klubben

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