How does PPC specialist Pavel Chodil use BlueWinston?

Read our interview with PPC specialist Pavel Chodil. He is a skilled specialist and has been using our PPC tool BlueWinston for a few years now.

Hello Pavel, I would like to ask you if you work as a PPC freelancer or as an agency?

I operate as a freelancer, although I also work with some great people who help me with some activities with clients if permitted. I do work with some agencies myself, although now more marginally, and try to work mostly for my own clients. The work keeps me quite busy and the demand is also high, which is why I’ve been thinking about setting up an agency. However, what I think is more important is connecting with professionals in my field and providing quality work than the form I present myself under, although I have started working on that as well, so I believe my presentation will improve in the future.

What performance channels do you use for your clients?

I’m involved in performance marketing management, which means that every cent spent is then converted into the best immediate return. This involves both managing the traditional performance platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and on the Czech market also Sklik, and I am currently experiencing demand for managing other platforms, which are LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads and others.

The platforms to be managed will probably vary depending on the period we are in, for example, with the growing popularity of TikTok, some advertisers are shifting at least part of their budgets from traditional platforms to TikTok Ads and so on. So it depends a lot on what’s trending and what’s working well in the industry. But from my perspective, the basis of advertising is still happening on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

How long have you been using BlueWinston and which of its features do you value most for different ecommerce clients?

It’s hard to remember the exact date, but according to what I’ve traced from my email correspondence, I’ve been using BlueWinston since 2021. I may have used it before then, but I would say I started using it more intensely in 2021.

The motivation for using BlueWinston in the beginning was mainly the ability to advertise on the search network for all products by automatically generating keywords from product names. This is an advantage especially for e-shops with a large product range.

However, from a performance point of view, Performance Max campaigns work more nowadays, where it is an advantage to have a Performance Max campaign created through BlueWinston precisely because of the possibility of using automated scripts that adjust the portfolio of promoted products based on their performance.

However, nowadays I am increasingly dealing with projects that are not e-shops and yet we use the BlueWinston tool here. Again, these are projects where we need to quickly and efficiently create search advertising and update it regularly. So for these projects, we just need to create an XML Feed and upload it to BlueWinston. Once the rules are defined and the ad texts are entered, everything is automated and satisfaction is all round, as the job listings bring in new leads and I don’t have to update everything manually. By investing in BlueWinston, the client often saves some of my administration time, which then means greater financial efficiency.

When working with the BlueWinston PPC tool, you may have also noticed features that we could add. What are 3 things you would like us to improve?

For example, these three things come to mind:

1. Automated XML Feed creation from Google Sheet. This is something you already offer, but essentially only through your support. That’s great, but it would be good if it could be created completely automatically with your own Google Sheet without anyone else’s assistance.

2. The scripts in BlueWinston that adjust campaigns based on their performance are very useful. However, it’s not very easy for a beginner to understand how to set up these scripts, so they may need to contact your support. I recommend you modify everything to make it completely intuitive. If you can find options to create other scripts as well, that would be great, as I think that’s one of the benefits of using BlueWinston.

3. ChatGPT has now started to be used for ad creation, and some tools already use a link with this tool. I think it would be useful to have a link in this case as well for finding other possible variations of headings and descriptions. It would be even more interesting if it could also work with dynamic elements, which are usually product names etc.

For your clients, besides BlueWinston, you also use our CSS service Shopping in EU. How do you perceive this service, what are the benefits for your clients?

Yes, we also use the CSS Shopping in EU service for our e-commerce clients. The moment Google created this option, a number of services started to offer the CSS service to connect in Google Merchant Center. Simply linking to a CSS partner program other than Google itself is supposed to make advertising about 20% cheaper, and this has shown up in my clients’ data. However, a number of competing companies offer this service for such amounts that even switching to them may not be worthwhile with lower investments in ads. For this reason, I am happy to see the use of Shopping in EU’s CSS service provided free of charge in addition to BlueWinston’s paid service.

Thank you for talking to us and we are happy to be cooperating with you!

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