How does the Boosters agency use BlueWinston?

Hi Martin, the first question I would like to ask is if you could tell us more about your agency Boosters and what online activities you do the most of.

We are an online marketing agency called BOOSTERS from Banská Bystrica and we specialize in PPC systems. Within PPC systems we mainly work with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and comparison shopping sites like Heureka, Pricemania and so on. Recently, we are also starting to work with Microsoft Ads, which mainly covers the Bing search engine.

I see you have been using BlueWinston for a long time. Which clients do you use theBlueWinston PPC tool for and what types of campaigns do you create with it?

Yes, we have been using BlueWinston for a long time and it has proven to be especially useful for clients who have a specific range of products that people search for by model designation or by several parameters, and also when the eshop offers a large number of products, where manual campaign creation would not be efficient.

Can you share a specific example where you deployed BlueWinston and got great results?

We have been using BlueWinston for a long time with our client Here, thanks to the BlueWinston PPC tool, we were able to create keywords for a number of searches, not only for a large number of books, but also by authors or other parameters, e.g. from internal searches and so on.

Regarding BlueWinston’s features, what are you satisfied with and how does BlueWinston save you time when managing your campaigns?

BlueWinston mainly does what it is supposed to do and it works. That is, creating product campaigns, but also other automated campaigns that can effectively complement product campaigns.

The main time saving is on the creation side, where one doesn’t have to spend an enormous amount of time on keyword creation, and then also on campaign management, because BlueWinston includes a lot of useful scripts.

Since you’ve been using BlueWinston for a long time, you might have also noticed something that would be nice to improve. Could you give us two or three things that you would like us to add?

Basically, we are happy with the system and we are happy to deploy BlueWinston where it makes sense. The Google Ads system has a lot of features, but on the other hand, it is becoming more and more like a black box, where we see less and less of the statistical data and have to help ourselves with different scripts. If BlueWinston could do this better, it would certainly be beneficial and could replace other types of campaigns.

In addition to BlueWinston, you also use our CSS service Shopping in EU. How do you rate this service, which saves yu up to 20% on click-through rates for PMax campaigns?

I’ve always been skeptical about things like this, which didn’t come from the market environment and demand, but came from the bureaucrat’s desk and the political way, but on the other hand, it works. It is important to note that the results may not come from day one and that the discount will not be 20% but less in the vast majority of cases, but if someone invests thousands of euros in shopping, even a 1% saving can make a huge difference just in terms of their margin bid cap and the potential extra positions they can get for the same price.

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