How Fixshop uses BlueWinston for expansion into other countries

Fixshop is a large e-shop specializing in spare parts for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Fixshop has the largest stock of electronic spare parts in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The e-shop offers more than 22,000 products.

Fixshop has established itself as a leading seller in the field of spare parts and accessories for electronics, offering an extensive range of products, from mobile phone parts to components for laptops and scooters. This extensive assortment includes products from a wide range of brands, including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and many others, making Fixshop a unique player in the market. Another advantage is the ability to deliver quickly and provide quality advice.

This case study focuses on the use of the PPC tool BlueWinston and Google Performance Max campaigns as key tools for expansion abroad.

Expansion goals

A few years ago, Fixshop decided to expand into other countries. It gradually expanded into the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.

Fixshop’s expansion was aimed at market expansion and achieving higher sales figures. The key goal was to utilize effective online advertising through Google Performance Max campaigns to maximize reach and sales efficiency in new markets.

Expansion Process

Fixshop’s expansion was strategically planned, starting from proven markets –  Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where Fixshop already enjoyed great popularity. This logically led to considerations of where and when to expand.

For the expansion, Fixshop utilized the experience and expertise of a PPC freelancer. Lukáš Král determined the structure of Google campaigns and used his experience for effective campaign settings, which were specifically tailored to new markets. This approach enabled Fixshop to quickly and efficiently expand its activities into Germany and Austria.

Implementation of PPC Tool BlueWinston

The use of the PPC tool BlueWinston was key to this expansion process, especially given the complexity and diversity of Fixshop’s product portfolio.

For each country, Lukáš Král divided the products into several campaigns – allowing campaigns to be managed independently, for example, through different budgets and bidding strategies. This gave Fixshop greater control over its campaigns, yielding better results than if the campaigns were created and managed solely through Google Ads.


Thanks to the use of BlueWinston, Fixshop achieved very good results. Segmenting products into individual Performance Max campaigns allowed for the optimization of each campaign for the best possible ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Campaigns launched via BlueWinston achieved a turnover of several million euros. These are campaigns launched for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and Austria.

PeriodAugust 2022 – November 2023
Conversion valueSeveral million EUR
ROASFrom 700 to 1800 %

Regarding the ROAS of these campaigns, it ranged between 700% and 1800% in different months.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The successes achieved by Fixshop through the use of the PPC tool BlueWinston are evidence of its capability to expand into foreign markets. The easy creation and optimization of campaigns via BlueWinston provide Fixshop with a significant competitive advantage. The outcomes of the campaigns are, of course, greatly influenced by the e-shop itself, including the products it sells, their prices, delivery speed, and customer support.

Regarding plans for the near future, Fixshop intends to use BlueWinston for its expansion into France in 2024.

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