How is BlueWinston PPC tool used in Nordic agency Bluebird Media?

We cooperate with agency Bluebird Media and we asked Senior Digital Strategist David Drake af Hagelsrum how the PPC tool is used in the agency.

Hi David, can you explain to us more about your agency Bluebird Media?

We are a performance agency focusing on traffic acquisition, analytics, data science and creative services. We are currently 46 specialists in three offices: Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. We work with all types of clients, but e-commerce clients are our primary type of clients.

How does agency Bluebird Media use the BlueWinston PPC tool?

BlueWinston is an easy-to-use software that allows us to automate many parts of the account. It is mainly used for inventory management, but if we have a good feed basically the whole account structure can be automated thanks to the flexibility that the tool gives us. The combination of flexibility and ease of use is the reason why we think Bluewinston is the best inventory management tool out there.

Every consultant at Bluebird Media is proficient in the tool, and we make sure to keep this proficiency by regularly keeping internal workshops. Feed management is also an important factor here as a feed is the foundation of a good inventory management structure. Thus, knowledge of feed optimization by using 3rd party feed management solutions is also a key factor of success.

The biggest benefits for us

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Good support
  • Time saver

Can you share with us some use case on how BlueWinston is used in the agency Bluebird Media?

For one of our key clients, we used BlueWinston to automate visibility for 30 000+ products using truncation on titles. In the feed we also created manufacturer URLs to automate manufacturer searches by using the create keywords by tag combination-feature. With big parts of the account automated and letting the machine do the grunt work, we saved time that we instead could spend on strategy.

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About the Author:

Account manager at BlueWinston & CCS Shopping in EU (I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search)