Interview – How is the BlueWinston PPC tool used in group?

The brand have been using BlueWinston for a while now, so we asked their CEO Vainius Zalimas a few questions regarding the functions, usability and much more.

Hi Vainius, could you tell us more about your company and the e-shops you manage?

Hi Martin. is a leisure and entertainment gift voucher portal which operates in Poland (, Lithuania (, Latvia (, Estonia ( and Finland ( and is one of the leading companies in this field in mentioned markets. We have more than 6000 offers in mentioned countries and covering all types of entertainment starting from hotel night stay offers and ending with horse riding lessons for childrens.

How does your company use the BlueWinston PPC tool?

We are using BlueWinston for creation of Products ads campaigns, since we always wanted to focus on every single voucher and gift that we offer online. With BlueWinston we are able to create very specific and unique ads for most of our offers.

What do you appreciate the most in the BlueWinston?

It takes a little bit of time to configure all necessary settings for the start of the advertising, but once we learned everything, we were left with a versatile tool for fast product ads creation. BlueWinston helped us a lot by reducing time of manual product creation and optimization.

Can you share with us some use cases on how you use BlueWinston?

When you are operating in one country, you can probably find time for manual creation of the product ads, and optimization of the same. But once you are opening in 4 additional markets, the campaign creation and optimization gets harder and harder, moreover the language barrier appears. BlueWinston helped us with the campaign structure and we had no need for manual optimization, since the ads were paused automatically once the product was sold or removed from the web.

Google ads are changing all the time, but gratefully, BlueWinston is also making new implementations and always trying to be up to date. This way they greatly help marketers as we can avoid manual work as much as possible and spend our time focusing on other things.

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