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How people use Google Search?

Have you thought about how people use Google search? SEO specialist Brian Dean analyzed 1801 Google users and thus revealed the answer to this question. What revelations has this research led to?

  • Google users use autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time

When people were looking for something informative or local, it turned out that they used autocomplete suggestions more often than those looking for commercial queries. It seems that autocomplete has a significant impact on search behavior. Especially for transactional and commercial issues.

autocomplete suggestions
  • 50% of people click on their result within 9 seconds

People spend a significant amount of time comparing results before they click for the first time. 25% of users click within 5 seconds. It takes the average Google user 14.6 seconds to click on something.

  • Only 9% of people who search on Google get to the bottom of the first page of search results

Commercial results tend to bring Google Shopping results that almost always appear at the top. On the other hand, transactional and informational terms are typically presented more traditionally in the “10 blue links” style, which can lead to scrolling and clicking further down the page.

However, most people will find their answer at the top of the page, and if not, they will prefer to refine the search question.

  • 15% of users modify their initial search term

This means that either Google offers highly relevant results or users are a master at choosing the right keywords on the first try. 85% will find what they are looking for thanks to their original search term.

  • Only 17% of users return to search results after clicking on a result

And only 5% will go back more than once to the same question.

  • The majority (59%) of Google users visit only one page during their search

Only 6% need to visit 4 or more sites to get an answer to their question, which confirms that Google is very good at answering its users’ questions.

  • 65% of searchers click on the traditional 10 blue links in search results during their search

Remarkably, the vast majority of searchers eventually click on organic results at least once during their session. And a decent number (10%) clicks on more organic lists.

  • Although it depends on the query, 19% of people click on the Google Ad while searching

And only 4% click on multiple ads during the same search session. This behavior was found to depend on the type of search. Commercial and transactional searches resulted in significantly more clicks on Google Ads compared to information queries.

people click on the Google Ad while searching
  • For local searches, 42% click on results inside Google Maps

Google Maps is a set of three results obtained from Google Maps, which are mixed with “normal” organic results.

  • 19% of users searching for a product click on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping results appear at the top of the page when searching for specific products, so it’s not surprising that 19% click on these results.

google shopping
  • On average, only 3% of searching people are interested in the “Similar Queries” table

This behavior varies by question. 43.21% of all Google search results have this spreadsheet, making it one of Google’s leading features.

On average, only 3% of searching people are interested in the "Similar Queries" table.
  • Only 0.44% of people get to the other side of the search results

This is in line with an organic clickthrough rate survey conducted last year using data from the Google Search Console. In this study, it was found that 0.78% of users visited the second results page. It usually takes 76 seconds to complete.
Half of all searches are completed in 53 seconds. It was also found that 25% were extremely fast (less than 31 seconds). The length of the search time also depends on the search query.

Google Search is changing more and more ads, features, or even new search options such as Google Discover.

For this reason, this research was conducted to approximate how the user uses modern search results.

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