The most common mistakes in e-commerce strategies

The e-commerce strategy, as a set of plans, is often referred to as an action plan or organized procedure that determines how a company utilizes the online environment to sell its products or services. This strategy encompasses various aspects, including marketing, logistics, customer service, payment options, and many others. Creating a successful e-commerce

Changes for bidding strategies – maximize conversions and maximize value of conversions

Following the announcement in April this year, Google is making changes for automated bidding strategies. This is to make bidding strategies more transparent. The existing bidding strategies Target Cost Per Acquisition (Target CPA) and Target Return on Ad Spend (Target ROAS) will be able to continue to be used, but they will also be part

Google Ads Management – The Key to Successful Ads

In the competitive space of Google advertising, it’s impossible to bet your success only on building up your brand and engaging with your clients. To succeed you must have a vision that will lead to a great execution of your ads. One part of the strategy is to create engaging, unique and attention-grabbing advertisements to

How to connect Google Shopping and Shopify

If your goal is to spice up your business by adding a very useful and effective plugin to your business strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone, anywhere, can start a business is the motto of a very popular online platform called Shopify that allows store owners to build their brand both online and

Do you have a physical store? Use Google My Business

The situation due to COVID-19 is complicated mainly for the business, which has not only online sales but also physical stores. That's why you should consider Google My Business, a program that allows your customers to see up-to-date information about your stores. In this article, we will discuss what benefits it can bring you

How to get ready for Black Friday and Christmas? Smart Bidding will help

The biggest and most successful seasons are approaching. Whether it's Black Friday or Christmas, you need to be prepared. One of the ways is to set up Smart Bidding for this season as well. This year, however, the season may be different, mainly due to COVID-19, as everyone is shopping online. If your conversion

Changes in Google Ads: Less visible search terms in the report

On September 1st Google briefly announced that the Google Ads search term report will now only show search terms that reach a certain limit. Simply put, advertisers will have a reduced view of which search queries trigger their ads, even if there is a click or conversion. This limitation in advertising campaigns has caused