• How to create Dynamic product ads

How to create Dynamic Product Ads

What is the Google DSA campaign?

DSA campaign is a type of campaign, which can be created in Google Ads and served on Google Search. When using this campaign type it is very important to have quality content on your website or eshop. Google will check your content and try to match searchterms (what people search) with relevant content on your website or eshop.

Dynamic Search Ads works the best when content on website is well structured, have proper headlines, paragraphs, quality contact, filters etc. And Dynamic Search Ads do not work for pharmaceutical products, hazard and products for adults.

In Dynamic Search Ads are shown relevant, dynamically generate headlines – there are show product names or services.

Why to use DSA campaigns?

It is a simple and easy way how to cover Google advertisements for more products on the eshop.

Thanks to them you can:

  • Target product groups before you invest time in building your product feed and campaign structure.
  • Get information about which products are searched for more often and what their performance is.
  • Create ads quickly and easily.

Step by step guide how to create Google DSA campaign

In Google Ads account choose Create New campaign and choose next options:

how to create Google DSA campaign

In next steps choose campaign type and settings.

name your campaign

Here you can name your campaign and enter domain name and language.


Here you choose targeting (country and languages), budget and bidding strategy.

Ad Extensions

We recommend to add also Ad Extensions, at least Sitelinks


In the next step you can create Ad Groups, it is recommended to create 1 Ad Group for every single product on your eshop.

ad groups

Or you can use this setting and choose all webpages on your eshop.


Here you set up a Dynamic Search Ads template. You can insert your text for Description 1 and Description 2. Headlines 1 and 2 and visible URL are added automatically. In Descriptions you can use max 90 characters each.

create ads

And that’s all. Your DSA campaign is ready to launch.

DSA campaign

If you would like to filter more products into DSA campaigns, we recommend using our BlueWinston tool. Read all about DSA campaigns that are created in our tool.

If you decide to use DSA campaigns, we also recommend setting up automatic extensions.

Extensions give you a better chance of attracting customers and create room for better interaction. Thanks to them, the client can call you directly or see the categories of products you sell. You can read more about them in our article.

Welcome to ultimate user guide on How To create unique Dynamic Product Ads for Google search, which were developed by BlueWinston.com app. This guide will go through all major steps within DSA creation process. There may be more things to set up, but I am sure, that you already know them from creation Product or Product-Group campaigns via BlueWinston.com.

You have 2 options for creating Dynamic Product Ads (DSA-P)

Create new Dynamic product ads as a fresh campaign or as a copy previous campaign

  • Create new campaign – you will create whole new DSA campaign so you will be able to filtered your products on which you will then create ads and everything
  • Create new campaign that dynamically creates products from bounded campaign – this is the main feature from BlueWinston and in most cases you should use this. It will show you list of previous created product campaigns and you will choose on of them. Like you can see in next image below “search | products | vitamins”

System shows all tabs which will be copied into your new copied / bounded DSA campaign.

What is bounding? (bounded product campaign)

List of product campaigns created by BlueWinston - innovative product ads toolEligible vs. All productsWhen you look at picture above – you can see some previous created Product campaigns for client AMINO Z (Supplement store). There is very important 3rd column = ELIGIBLE vs. ALL PRODUCTS. We can see that 1st campaign has 86 products eligible (at least one keyword without low search volume) from Total: 1179 products. It means – the rest – about 1100 products are not able to be advertised by classic method, by keywords because of LOW SEARCH VOLUME status. Therefore we will create in next step “bounded” DSA campaign for these products to get some possibility how to advertise on them!

Tab n.1 “Source file” – Name of the campaign + xml feed

Setting the DSA campaign name and source file url for XML product data feedIn this tab, if we used creation as copy of some product campaign, we are not able to edit XML source url, because it’s bounded to mother’s product campaign. But of course we are able to change the Campaign name!

* You can change name of the campaign any time, you just need to click on tab “Source file” and after change of the name click on “Save and continue”

Tab n.2 “Tag assignment and filters” – segmentation of products

Settings for filtering your products inside of a campaign which will be included

Tab assignment & filters is also not editable because of bounding! You just have to fast go through it and scroll down to click Save and go to the next step…

* If you are creating the whole new DSA campaign without bounding – you will have to edit this tab page. It is all about filtering and telling BlueWinston, which products should be included in this campaign. So just fill the right tags and mostly filter your categories or brands of product to get desired result!

Tab n.3 “Campaign details”

Settings for choosen language and location for DSA campaignIn this tab you have to only choose the right domain name language. In this example we have store from Australia, so we choose “English”.

Tab n.4 “Ads creation” – ads creating, which are visible in google search

ad-patterns-featuresThis is the main description of Ad creation pattern creator. In DSA campaigns we have of course a little bit different text ads and so we have dynamically created HEADLINE and description 1,2 as you can see below.


create new ad patternCreate new ad pattern

The system can create XY Ad patterns. Unlimited number of ad units for your products. After saving one “Ad pattern,” you can click on “Create new ad pattern” and go through the process again with the other texts.

Options for ad rotationAd rotation

When you successfully create one or more ad-ownership pattern You can set ad rotation for advertising. If you have only one ad pattern, so this setting is for you does not play any role. However, if you have at least 2 ad patterns, you may choose how google AdWords should show your ads.

Tab n.5 “Campaign settings” – Bidding strategy settings, maxCPC / maxCPA

We have a choice of three main areas of bidding strategy:

A) Focus on clicks – focusing on clicks
B) Focus on conversions – focus on conversions

C) Focus on positions – aiming to achieve a certain position

A1) Focus on clicks – Manual CPC


default-maxcpcDefault maxCPC can be set as: A) Constant value (exact value), B) Dynamically calculated value from maxCPA (dynamically calculated maxCPC value for each keyword based on maxCPA for the product).

Dynamically calculated value is generated dynamically based on the maxCPA for a specific product. Default is 2% of the value maxCPA (but minimum € 0.30 / click).

maximum-cost-per-acquisitionmaxCPA is the maximum conversion price that we are willing to invest, respectively. to pay. maxCPA represents BlueWinston.com so. Variable divine! Using this value system calculates both maxCPC (cost per click-through) but mostly artificial intelligence is used by various calculations of expected or achieved prices for conversion of clicks, impressions and subsequent optimization of the campaign itself. maxCPA also use automated scripts through which know themselves more easily manage campaigns created via BlueWinston.com.

Artificial intelligence can only be used if you choose Enhanced unique BlueWinston PPC bidding strategy!

maxCPA can be defined as:

A) Constant value = exact amount you’re willing to invest in conversion
B) Dynamically calculated = gives the % margin that you have on the products in the campaign (average value)
C) Dynamically calculated from tag value = you can have separate tag in which you will tell the system exact margin in %.

daily-budget-for-campaignIn order for us to move to the next step, we need to define a daily budget for this campaign, which we are willing to invest.

quick-preview-modeUnless we have defined the rules, how to calculated maxCPC, maxCPA and amount of the daily value-at, so we can use the so-we called. Preview mode, which shows us the product name at random, its retail price, as well as a calculated maxCPC maxCPA.

A2) Focus on clicks – Maximize Clicks

maximize-clicks-bidding-strategy-typeOne of the well known BIDding strategy type from AdWords editor. It is trying to reach maximum clicks for your budget. You can set also maximum CPC bid limit, which is optional to set so AdWords will be not able to exceed this  price limit per one click.

B) Focus on conversions – Target CPA – bidding strategy by Google AdWords

target-cpatarget-cpa-settingsThis bidding strategy is taken directly from the AdWords. This is a bidding strategy where you try to change your AdWords click-through rates for keywords based on historical development, so that the campaign reached the lowest conversion, respectively. Target CPA! Target CPA but you can run over a certain number (15-30) conversions in the last 30 days within the campaign. BlueWinston.com advantage is that you will follow for the current state of the campaign and at the moment you start AdWords allows the bidding strategy, then you will automatically switch to another mode. The initial state is melted in the background as Manual CPC bidding strategy type.

In this bidding strategy must therefore understandably place maxCPC define TargetCPU! We define TargetCPU again either as constant as the average CPA by the historical development of the whole campaign or as a dynamically computed from maxCPA.

focus-on-positionC) Focus on positions

If you want to explicitly ads appear at the top of the first page of search results on Google search or anywhere on the first page, so this bidding strategy is for you. In the future, we will add the option to choose the exact position of ad serving, respectively. starting position!

Tab n.6 “Conversion settings” – what is a conversion?

AdWords conversions calculation formulaWinston Bros. Company Ltd. has included unique calculating the conversion into its system. It is a fact that today it is a very small percentage of customers who purchase immediately after first clik on your ad. It is essential to follow the so-called Assisted Conversions and that’s just what we focus! Depending on whether assisted conversions represent the majority of conversions from AdWords campaigns or smaller, according to them we assign specific weight, which can be found directly in formulas. Variables and the weights you can of course edit.

Tab n.7 “Automated scripts” – optimization scripts

BlueWinston.com currently offers four groups of optimization scripts for your campaign. These automated scripts ensure the reduction of time spent managing campaigns and routine process which application will do for you.

A. Excluding AdGroups from campaign – exclusion scripts for AdGroups that have poor performance

B. Bounce rate script for AdGroups – exclusion scripts for AdGroups that have a bad bounce rate
C. Exclude search terms from search query – exclusion scripts for search queries that have poor performance

Agency services from Winston Bros Ltd.

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