How to create Performance Max campaigns only with products?

Among PPC specialists, there is currently quite a lively discussion about how to create Performance Max campaigns that have only products and do not contain supporting materials (text, images, videos…). In this article, we’ll discuss when it’s appropriate to create such a campaign and how to set it up in BlueWinston.

Why create Performance Max campaigns only with products?

For a Performance Max campaign that contains only products and no other assets, the name Feed – only Performance Max campaign or Performance Max Shopping – only campaign is also used. This means that it contains only products from Merchant and nothing more.

The advantage of such a campaign is that you focus on advertising products in Shopping ads. Therefore, you can get higher performance from the campaign because you are not advertising on other Google networks.

When is it appropriate to use a PMax campaign with products only?

1. This type of PMax campaign is suitable when you don’t have good quality images and videos and you want to run a PMax campaign as soon as possible.

2. This is the perfect campaign when you only want to advertise with Shopping ads and you are not interested in advertising on other Google networks (e.g. Content Network, YouTube).

3. This type of PMax campaign is suitable for advanced specialists who have run separate campaigns in Content Network, YouTube and other Google networks.

How to create a PMax campaign with products only?

In BlueWinston, you can create a PMax campaign with products only very easily by turning off the creation of backgrounds in the PMax campaign settings.

First you create a group of assets, then click on Edit assets and select to not use assets (Use assets OFF).

Types of ads and bidding strategies

Then, a PMax campaign that will contain the products will be created, but will not contain any assets. This means that the products will only be advertised in the Shopping section in Google search.

Conclusion and summary

We have briefly covered when it is appropriate to run PMax campaigns without products and how to set up such campaigns via BlueWinston. Such campaigns can deliver higher performance because they are focused only on Shopping ads in Google search.

However, this needs to be tested because in some cases this type of campaigns may have worse results compared to PMax campaigns with supporting content (text, images, videos). In this case, Google will automatically advertise the products across all Google networks, according to the bidding strategy selected.

Alternatively, if you are already using underlays and your PMax campaign is underperforming, you can use the button in the campaign settings in BlueWinston to turn off the use of Assets and focus your advertising on Shopping ads only. You can then compare the performance of your campaign with and without underlays.

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