How to create Performance Max campaigns without products

When creating Performance Max campaigns (P. Max), we sometimes encounter ecommerce stores that need to create this type of campaign without products. Based on this requirement, we have added a new feature to BlueWinston PPC tool, where you can select whether you want to advertise products or not.

When is it suitable to create a Performance Max campaign without products?

Performance Max without products has a relatively specific use, as it only utilizes part of the options offered by Google in this type of campaign.

Performance Max campaigns without products can be used, for example, when you want to focus on advertising outside of Google Shopping.

For instance, you can use P.Max without products to advertise mainly in the text part of Google Search, in the Display Network, on YouTube and in Gmail.

In BlueWinston, you can create one Asset Group or create separate Asset Groups and assign appropriate landing pages to them.

How to set up a Performance Max campaign without products in BlueWinston?

When creating the campaign, you proceed in the usual way as when creating a standard P. Max campaign. In the Asset Groups section, you create one Asset Group or more, depending on your needs. For each Asset Group, you can set a separate landing URL.

In the Asset group settings, click on Edit products and switch off Use products.

In the next part, in Edit Assets section, you can set which assets (images, logos, videos, texts) should be used.

On the next step, you can set scripts for automatic optimization of campaigns and then complete the campaign.

Finally, you can upload the campaign to Google Ads, where you can add Signal audiences or change the bidding strategy and budget according to your needs.

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