• How to get a trademark permission?

How to get a trademark permission?

One of the most common problems is that Ads are not approved because of trademarks. Those are brand names which usually require trademark permission for their use.

You can enter particular Trademarks to Bad words in BlueWinston and all Bad words will be automatically hidden from the ads. This solution allows you to run Ads, but without displaying the brand names.

We introduce you a solution on how to proceed when you want the Trademarks approved to display brands in the Ad.

  1. Contact Google support

Google support can be contacted via online form, chat, via phone or e-mail.

Ask for contacts for disapproved Ads due to Trademarks. They will also want to know, which specific brands are you referring to. They will then send you a list of e-mails to contact.


  1. Write e-mails with approval requests with link to the form

When you will receive the list of contacts from Google, contact the brand owners individually for approval. Approval or disapproval by the owner is solely within their competence. Include your Google Ads ID number and attach a link to the form. They should fill in the form, which will be then sent to Google.

Example of an e-mail contact:

  • Marc Jacobs: ipd@fr.lvmh-fashion.com

Link to the form:


  1. Approved

After the approval, your ads will be looking better, displayed with trademarks.


Delete approved trademarks from BlueWinston  > Bad words.


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