How to get free up to €120 Google Ads credit, promo voucher code

What is Promo code / Google voucher

Google Ads promo codes are promotional codes that give user free credit to redeem on Google Ads. What does that exactly mean?

There are different Google vouchers available. In case we create Google Ads account for you, you can get bonus credit from Google. The amount of bonus credit depends on company badge, country, and spent credit in your Google Ads account. You will get from 0 to 120 €.

Get free credit up to 120€ thanks to BlueWinston

BlueWinston is a worldwide Google Premier Partner. That´s why we can create Google Ads account with special voucher benefits for you.

How to get up to 120€ bonus credit voucher for Google Ads? 

It’s simple. It’s easy. Ask us and we will create brand new Google Ads account for you and we will register it also in BlueWinston tool. Voucher applies automatically to newly created Google Ads accounts, which were created under our MCC Google Ads account.

How it will look after you apply your up to 120€ Google voucher

bluewinston 120€ voucher

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