How to import BlueWinston campaigns into Sklik?

We spent a long time deciding whether to import campaigns for the Czech advertising system Sklik from BlueWinston. The thing is that PPC specialists want to run product ads via Sklik also on the Czech search engine

In this article we offer you a solution on how to run BlueWinston campaigns also via Sklik and extend your advertising to the second largest Czech search engine.

Although it is not possible to do it directly from BlueWinston, you can import campaigns to Sklik from your Google Ads account. Importing BlueWinston / Google Ads campaigns into Sklik will only take a few minutes. Let’s take a look at it together.

Sklik in the Czech Republic

First, let’s talk briefly about Sklik and advertising on Seznam. Sklik is an advertising platform operated by and is one of the largest online advertising networks in the Czech Republic. Sklik allows advertisers to create and manage advertising campaigns for their websites, with ads appearing in various places within the network, including search, email inboxes and partner websites.

You can use different ad formats in Sklik – text, image and video ads. For advertisers on Sklik, the PPC model applies, where they pay only for clicks on their ads. The cost per click depends on many factors such as competition, campaign quality and keywords. In Sklik, you can also track the performance of your campaigns and analyze their success using campaign measurement and management tools.

The share of the search engine Seznam has been between 10 and 20% for the last 5 years, in some segments it may be more, in others less. According to stats on Statcounter, in March 2023, Seznam’s share was around 12%.

Source: Statcounter

In March 2023, Google search had a share of around 82% in the Czech Republic. The third most used search engine Bing has a share of around 5% according to Statcounter, according to data from Microsoft it has a share of around 10%. We expect a gradual increase of Bing over the next few years. This is one of the reasons why we are focusing on features for advertising on Bing and have not yet addressed imports to Sklik. This is because it is a local performance channel that is only in the Czech Republic.

Creating campaigns in BlueWinston

You can create product campaigns for Sklik by creating product campaigns for Google Ads. In this case, we recommend starting with Product Text Ads, as importing popular Performance Max campaigns is not yet supported by Sklik. Here’s how to create Product Text Campaigns from the feed via BlueWinston. You will then upload the campaign into your Google Ads account.

Preparing campaigns in Google Ads

Before you start importing campaigns from Google Ads, make sure they are ready to export. First, check in Google Ads that BlueWinston has correctly created landing pages and ads for specific products. We also recommend checking that there are no gaps in the campaigns, such as unapproved ads and so on.

How to import campaigns into Sklik

To import campaigns into Sklik, you will need a Sklik account. Log in to your account, select Tools and click on Import campaigns from Google Ads account.

The next step is to create an API connection to your Google Ads account.

You then choose which Google Ads account you would like to import campaigns from. We recommend setting a daily recurrence frequency so that you have your ad prices updated at least once a day.

In the next step, you choose which campaigns to import from Google Ads to Sklik. Currently, the following campaign types can be imported:

  • Product text campaigns
  • Product-Group Text Campaigns

You currently can’t import:

  • Sitelinks and Callouts
  • Shared Budgets
  • Performance Max Campaigns

For supported campaign types, the import will take a few minutes to complete and once it is complete you will find the campaigns in Sklik.

Check and edit campaigns after import

After importing campaigns from Google Ads into Sklik, it’s important to check that all settings and parameters have been imported correctly. For example, check the settings for ad groups, landing pages and keywords. For more detailed import options and current options, you can read this article in Sklik’s help (in Czech language).


Importing campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik is a simple process that will save you a lot of time and simplify the management of your ad campaigns. Importing campaigns into Sklik will result in effective product advertising through Sklik and higher performance of your campaigns.

It can be assumed that the performance of your campaigns will be comparable to advertising through Google Ads, i.e. in terms of ROAS or ACOS. On our blog you can see what ROAS results can be achieved via BlueWinston in different segments. As Seznam has significantly lower traffic than Google, a lower traffic volume can be expected.

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