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How to increase the conversion rate on your eshop?

Clients often come to us with a question about how they can increase the conversion rate in their e-commerce. In this article, we’ll look at a few factors that can significantly affect your conversion rate. So what to implement in your e-commerce to increase sales and profits? We will point out a few tips that should bring the desired effect.

What does conversion rate mean?

Conversion means any action a visitor takes on the site. This can be, for example, leaving a review, comment, browsing individual categories in the menu, adding a product to the cart etc. However, in the case of e-commerce, the most important conversion is the purchase of a product. Therefore, conversion rate means the percentage of site visitors who successfully complete a purchase.

How do you get a higher conversion rate?

Here are some tips to help you increase your e-commerce sales. It will not change the number of products in the e-shop, nor increase your set marketing budget. Your website must be attractive, interesting and, above all, clear for the customer. The customer must be able to find what he is looking for in the shortest possible time, otherwise he can leave the website quickly. It is very important that your e-shop is able to turn a regular site visitor into a customer. Ideally a loyal and regular shopper.

Our 5 tips to increase your conversion rate

1. Add CTA buttons and online support that should be able to respond to site visitors 24/7. The problem arises when a visitor on the web is disoriented, unable to find what he is looking for, or has questions that no one can answer. For these cases, online chat or at least CTA buttons referring to a telephone or email contact should be available. A visitor who is not paid attention and remains ignored leaves the e-shop almost immediately. We recommend running Livechat only if you can respond.

2. Specify information about your products and pay attention to their nice presentation, which will flatter the eye of the site visitor. Write a unique description for each product that will captivate and provide all the necessary information. Explain the transport and payment conditions in detail, do not forget to provide the customer with information about the possibility of a complaint. If you sell products that are more difficult to use, add video tutorials or at least pictorial tutorials.

3. Implement a remarketing strategy that targets site visitors who have previously viewed one of your products or performed any other microconversion. These visitors should be given special attention and reminded of the products they have viewed. This increases the chance of returning to your site even with a previously deferred purchase.

4. Post product reviews on your e-shop that are best added directly below the product the customer is viewing. You can also publish reviews and real experiences of your customers in a separate category, but make sure that it is visible to the website visitor. Good experience will help convince the consumer to buy the product and it will speed up his decision-making process.

5. Increase traffic to your site by writing a blog. However, make sure that the topics are related to the products you offer. Thanks to interesting articles that will attract visitors, you will keep their attention for longer time and after reading you should motivate them to buy the product you mention in the article. This content is easily distributed on social networks. It is the company’s communication on social networks that builds social trust in its customers and can convince them that you are the right choice for them.

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