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How to optimize Performance Max campaigns?

If you created the Performance Max campaign you already know, that there aren’t that many ways to optimize it. Compared to standard Shopping campaigns the Performance Max campaigns don’t have keywords, search terms, or negative keywords.

Creating Performance Max in BlueWinston brings a few benefits your way but wherever you create Performance Max campaigns, these are some ways of optimization:

1. Product feed quality

For best results, you need a quality product feed embedded in your Merchant account with a high product approval rate. We recommend adding all attributes to the feed, including category, price, description, etc.

Of all the attributes, the most important are product names and product descriptions, which should include keywords from which Google can then select and display your ad on the queries you enter.

2. Product selection

As a first step, we recommend creating a campaign only for the products that you want to advertise. As a result, your budget will be spent on selected products only, and you’ll be able to get data on individual products faster.

You can divide the products into several Performance Max campaigns via BlueWinston, e.g. by price, categories, brands, custom labels, etc. You can use several filters at the same time and thus filter, for example, all Kelly’s bicycles in the price from 300 to 1000 €.

You can easily add other products, or remove some products at any time to filter products into a Performance Max campaign.

3. Pausing inefficient products

In Google Ads or BlueWinston, you can track the performance of individual products, ie the number of clicks, conversions, CTR, ROAS, etc. You can then select filters in the Reports section of BlueWinston (e.g. all products that have had more than 100 clicks and 0 conversions in the last 30 days) and pause low-performing products. This way you can pause individual products or bulk multiple products.

4. Automatic budget increase with good results

It often happens, especially with smaller e-shops, that they set a daily budget for the campaign, and then they no longer move with the budget. In BlueWinston we have a script that automatically increases the daily budget when the campaign is performing well (according to the specified ROAS). This can automatically and incrementally increase your budget, as well as your clicks and conversions from your campaign.

5. Assets in Google Ads

One of the settings of Performance Max campaigns are the assets you can add in BlueWinston. You can add images, store logo, youtube video URL and texts (titles, descriptions).

In conclusion, we would like to reiterate that through BlueWinston you can select only certain products as needed, set up assets, simply pause ineffective products, and possibly set up scripts as well. We believe that BlueWinston will make it easier for you to manage and optimize your Performance Max campaigns and bring you more effective campaigns.

As PPC specialists, we can advise you on feed quality, creating Performance Max campaigns, pausing inefficient products, and other functions in the BlueWinston PPC tool.

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