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How to set up and use DSA Page feeds in Google Ads

What are DSA Page feeds?

DSA Page feeds are used for Google DSA campaigns. DSA campaigns are based on the content on your web and using Page feeds you can choose specific URLs as landing pages. It gives you an advantage to choose only some URLs, for example for your best sellers.

DSA Page feed contains URL and some labels for better filtering in DSA campaigns. But you can use also more information, as well. For example you can use these columns (attributes) in the feed (for every single product):

Main attributes in DSA Page feed

  • ID
  • Page URL
  • Custom label

Additional attributes in DSA Page feed

  • product name
  • manufacturer
  • category

Main types of DSA Page feeds

You can use different DSA page feed for different purpose:

  • product DSA feed contains product URL landing pages, and this feed can be used for DSA campaigns advertising products

  • category DSA feed contains category URL landing pages, and Google also crawls products in the categories. So using this kind of feed, you can advertise categories and also single products

Using CSV file as DSA Page feed

In the past, and also used nowadays, PPC specialists use CSV files in Google Ads accounts. You can insert your CSV file here:

CSV file

You can also upload more data using Google spreadsheets or XML feeds and set up frequency how often data should be updated.

XML feeds

How to use DSA Page feeds

You have few options how to use DSA Page feeds. You can manually insert them into Google Ads account or create custom XML feed based on chosen products in some third-party tool, for example BlueWinston.

Then you can choose the DSA page feed, when you are creating DSA campaign:

DSA campaign

Google Ads will use only URL landing pages from your DSA page feed – for example only landing pages for products.

Why to automate DSA campaigns using feeds?

To understand and be in control of your data

Data in your product feed are the key to creating compelling ads. You have to make sure you know what you want to tell potential customers. This way, you will understand and be in control of the data in your product feed.

The most common reasons why to automate DSA campaigns using Page Feeds are that you can choose which URL landing pages will be used in the campaigns. And therefore you have control over advertised products.

You can also use custom labels for better filtering products into campaigns. You can decide which products you would like to advertise – products from chosen category, products in some price range, products by some manufacturer etc.

How to automate DSA campaigns using feeds in BlueWinston?

It is very easy and simple. You can use any product XML feed and create DSA campaigns in BlueWinston PPC tool and then upload into Google Ads. You do not need any CSV file, Google spreadsheets etc.

In BlueWinston PPC tool you can very easily create DSA campaigns for different categories, price ranges etc. Your URL landing pages will be used as Auto targets. When you automate DSA campaigns using BlueWinston, it is very easy to create Ad Groups for every single product and searchterms will be automatically connected with the proper Ad Group (product). And also there is automated creation of new Ad Groups, pausing Ad Groups which aren’t in the feed anymore, very easy creation of Ads for all products in the campaign etc.

You can also create special DSA campaign bounded to Product campaign. In bounded DSA campaign are advertise only products which do not have any eligible keywords in Product campaign.

spacial DSA campaign

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