Information about Eligible products in Google Merchant Centre

In the latest update (1.49.0) we have added information about Eligible products in Google Merchant Account for Merchant Feeds.

Eligible product is one, that :

  • It is in Stock.
  • Google has accepted it and set its “Destination Status” as Approved (not Disapproved or Pending). This status is set by Google only after a certain amount of time since the product was uploaded, so it is treated as Approved after the first upload, as we do not yet know how Google will evaluate it.
  • Why products are not “Eligible” can be identified by logging in directly to your Google Merchant account, where you can see why there are red exclamation marks.

All products are products that were created from XML and passed the filters you set up in the feed. We are currently working on Preview, which will be similar to product text campaigns. This means you will see how many products are in the XML feed and which products will be created based on the feed settings. These will then be uploaded to your Google Merchant account.

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