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Interview: PPC freelancer Lukáš Král on working from Thailand

Lukas Kral

We have been working with PPC freelancer Lukáš Král for a while now. He works from Thailand and manages PPC campaigns for Czech and Slovak clients. We asked him how satisfied is he with our PPC tool BlueWinston, how does he communicate with clients over long distances and what it’s like to live in Thailand.

The first question I would like to ask is how would you rate BlueWinston, i.e. the creation of campaigns and their automation through our PPC tool. How time consuming is it to make functional and powerful product campaigns through BlueWinston?

Greetings from Thailand! Sawadee krap! Hello!

BlueWinston is an outstanding tool that has simplified my work and increased my client’s sales in no time. The deciding factor was its great support and also the symbiosis with the discounted CSS program for shopping ads on Google. Since the second month, the clients met their goals – sales amount and COS (reverse ROAS).

If possible, can you disclose what clients you have and for which ones you use BlueWinston?

It is important to mention that I outsource not only PPC ads but partial or complete online marketing for my clients. Therefore, I was looking for an easy and effective tool for shopping ads. Among the clients that use the BlueWinston tool with me is Europe’s largest distributor of electronics and mobile spare parts with two e-shops in two countries. www.fixshop.cz and www.fixservis.sk.

We communicate with you mostly through emails and video calls. But what kind of communication do you have with your clients, how is it possible to reconcile the time shift between Thailand and the Czech Republic, or do you also have face-to-face meetings with clients in the Czech Republic?

I had the biggest problem with the time shift with my Czech and Slovak clients who paradoxically say that I am 100% a night vampire. So Thailand and its plus 5 hours made up the difference and synchronized my clients’ working hours with me in a way. The most stable tools to communicate across half the world are definitely Google Meet and also WhatsApp.

Freelancers who travel alongside their work or are in exotic countries are said to be digital nomads. Is this comparison also appropriate for you? Alternatively, can you explain to us how your workflow is, are you working from one place in Thailand?

Well, my situation is a bit weird. I wasn’t planning on staying abroad for 3 years and Thailand was originally just another winter holiday. Due to my health condition (serious muscle disease) I can’t spend the winters in Europe. But Covid came along and going back to Europe was dangerous for me. So I went from being a tourist to a native who found a Thai love, learned to eat spicy food and today Thailand is my home. My heart remained in magical Singapore, where I plan to live and work partly.

As a last question, I would like to ask about e-commerce in Thailand. How is this e-commerce market specific compared to e-commerce in the Czech Republic? For example, I would like to know if keywords are used in Google campaigns only in Thai or also in English or other languages.

It is well known that the Czech Republic and Slovakia are unique in the amount of e-shops. In Thailand, there are two large e-commerce platforms similar to Aliexpress – Shopee and Lazada, where most brands without their own e-shops advertise. But the latest trend is massive online sales via Facebook & Instagram. On top of that, almost all Thai businesses automatically present themselves in English, in addition to Thai.

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