• Introduction to Product Group campaigns for Google Search

Introduction to Product Group campaigns for Google Search

People do not always know the exact product name! They just know only part (Product-Group name). BlueWinston will automatically find these unique Groups within your e-shop. Clicking on ad, your customers will go straight to fulltext search results, where they can choose the right product model & type. With this feature you can get much more new highly targeted customers and many times it’s the only way, how to advertise on your products because of the low search volume status!


Why to focus on Product – Group campaigns?

  • No more Low Search Volume

  • Much more KWs with eligible status

  • People are looking for this product groups

  • Higher Impressions for your ads

  • Higher %CTR

  • Higher Conversion rates

Product-Group campaigns for targeting Groups of Products

Product – Group campaigns which have text ads targeted to the specific groups of products, so little more broad keywords. These product-groups are world’s unique campaigns and have much more eligible long-tail keywords -> impressions, clicks, %CTR and of course more conversions (acquisitions).

Not too many people know the exact name / model of specific products!

They just know only the part of the name for example “ELECTROLUX EJ 2801”.


Therefore BlueWinston developed unique truncating method how to find and mine unique phrases (shortened long-tail keywords) which will be targeting some very specific groups of products. In this case it is the specific fridge with brand and model but without specific type = product number.

Product-Group targeted Text ads in Google Search

So people can see your product – group ads while they are searching for:


You will have automatically generated text ads for hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands of product – groups in just a few minutes. Automatically up to date prices from the lowest range.


After click on text group ad -> customer will be brought straight to the fulltext search result page within your e-shop for “ELECTROLUX EJ 2801” where he can see both 2 variants of this fridge

Automatically generated Product-Group Text ads will target the right fulltext search results within eshop, where customer will choose the best product

Number of generated Groups
Total number of targeted Products
All products covered! 100%

With this solution you can get also other types of AdGroups & Keywords

Product – Group campaign (NON-type)
-> for people who know only brand and model

image 2017-04-02 o 23.47.20

Product – Group campaign (NON-brand, +prefix)
-> for people who know only model & type of fridge

image 2017-04-02 o 23.47.42

See for yourself the power of Group campaigns on Tires advertising

Look for yourself how unique Group campaigns could be for tires e-shop all over the worldTires e-shop all over the world could use this most most powerful feature “Product-Group campaigns” for creating unique Group text advertising for targeting their customers and bringing them straight to the fulltext search results.

See the case study for popgom.fr here…

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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