• Unique Keywords permutations for exact match types

Unique Keywords permutations for [exact match types]

It’s finally here! Unique solution how to just use exact unique keywords match types within your product-group campaigns created via BlueWinston.com.

Product-Group campaigns are focusing on product groups. They are bringing customers/visitors right to the full-text search results page within the eshop.

Previously, we had to use broad modifier or exact match type

KW1 example for fridges (broad modifier): +fridge +zanussi +zrg
KW2 example for fridges (exact): [fridge zanussi zrg]

But with these two unique keywords, we had to fight with negative search terms or too low impressions because of exact match type so people looking for “zanussi zrg fridge” couldn’t see our ads! Or people used to search for product-groups with search terms like “zanussi zrg fridge 93BDDKM” and that is a big problem cause we are bringing customers to full-text search result page for “Zanussi ZRG”.

Save your money & make permutations for your [exact match] unique keywords

image 2017-03-06 o 14.21.31We set ON Рkeywords permutation for exact match types

System will generate permutations – so it will change positions for each word inside of keyword for 1-5 words keywords. Longer keywords are not supported because of huge amount of permutations!



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