Link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts

A comprehensive overview of the performance of your ads and visitor activity on your site may sound like a necessary but time-consuming task. However, you only need a few clicks to link the created Google accounts and they will take care of the statistics for you.

In previous articles, we’ve created three accounts in different Google services needed to advertise your products and services. These accounts, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and the Google Merchant Center will work together perfectly when linked. These links make the work easy for you in many ways and provide you with important information for developing your business. In this article, we’ll tell you why and how to link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.

What are the benefits of linking Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts?

The goals and transactions recorded by Google Analytics will also be available in Google Ads. For you, this means that you can evaluate whether your ad isn’t lossy and leads to sufficient conversions / purchases. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your ad performance and visitor activity on your site.

In addition, by linking, you can create remarketing lists to target people who have visited your site but have not completed your desired goal Рpurchase. 

How to link the accounts?

Once you’ve signed in to your Google Ads account, you’ll find “Linked Accounts” in the Tools section of the top menu. This is where you have an overview of the services linked to your account. One of them is Google Analytics. When you click on it, you’ll see sites with set property in Google Analytics. Choose the website you will advertise and click ‘Link‘.

If your page has only one view, just link that one. If it has more, you will see a list of all the views it has. You can set a link for all views but import metrics for only one of them (or none).

The second way to link your accounts is in the “Adminsection of Google Analytics, where you select the property (website) you want to link. You create a new link group to add the account you want to link to all its views. Up to 200 groups can be created for each account, each including 1000 links.

How do you disconnect them if necessary?

To unlink accounts, just click “Unlink” in the same place in Google Ads. If you are using a group of links in Google Analytics and you want to remove all links in one group, you must remove it all. If you want to remove just a few, follow the link group edit by clicking on it in the respective property.

If you prefer to see this guide in video version, check out our YouTube video.

After successfully linking your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, continue with the next article to learn why and how to link Google Ads to the Google Merchant Center.


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