Mandatory parallel tracking of campaigns is expanding

Recently, there has been a bunch of Google Ads updates. After canceling the average position, introducing recommended columns and various updates to increase landing page load time, the time has come to parallel tracking as well. This feature was already available last year but now it is ready to improve the performance of your campaigns on the Content Network.

Parallel tracking increases the performance and efficiency of your ads. Your potential customers are redirected to the landing page, whilst clicks are measured in the background. Therefore, the landing page loads faster, reducing the number of lost visits. And because those visits are not lost, it can also lead to higher conversion rates.

Since end of October 2019, campaign tracking was a compulsory feature only for Google Search or Shopping campaigns. In 2019, the feature should have been extended to Content Network and Video campaigns. From May 1, 2019, it will be available on Display Network campaigns and will be compulsory from late July. The date for launching this feature for Video campaigns is not yet known, but it should still be this year.

If you are measuring the clicks your ad receives or have it tracked by extern experts, make sure that the system you are using is compatible with parrarel tracking. This may vary and depend on specific features. Also, make sure you understand parallel tracking, as the simultaneous tracking feature will be mandatory for all campaign types in a moment.

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