Margin oriented Google Scripts for Product Text and Smart Shopping Ads

As part of the new update to BlueWinston, we bring you several new features that will simplify your operation and functionality of BlueWinston:

1. Script for excluding poorly performing keywords, based on a margin from the total value of conversions

BlueWinston works with a new variable! It is used in scripts and is a margin on the total value of orders, which is calculated as follows:

Margin of total order value = Total order value X margin / 100

Total value of orders = 5000 €
Margin = 20 (20%)
Calculation = 5000 € x 20/100 = 1000

This is a similar value to ROAS (which is used in the bidding strategy of the target ROAS). Here you can read how to calculate ROAS.

This script calculates a calculated max CPA for each keyword and excludes keywords that cost more than a margin of total conversions and are greater than 1.2 times max CPA. Keyword exclusion means creating an exact match negative keyword.

The advantage of this script is that it automatically excludes ineffective keywords, which greatly aids in automatic campaign optimization. The effectiveness of the campaign also increases (eg better ROAS)

Script for suspending poorly performing products, based on a margin on the total value of conversions

This script automatically pauses a product whose CPA is higher than the total conversion margin and is more than 1.2 times the max CPA.

The advantage of this script is that it automatically pauses ineffective products, which greatly helps in the automatic optimization of the campaign. This increases the effectiveness of the campaign (eg better ROAS)

How do these scripts work?

BlueWinston excludes the keyword (in the product or group text campaign). This keyword will be added to your negative keywords in an exact match and will remain there.

In shopping campaigns, BlueWinston pauses products a little differently. Whenever campaigns are updated and the script results in a product suspension, the product is suspended in Google Ads.

You can reuse your products in campaigns by turning off the script in the Shopping campaign or by changing the value in the script. For example, conversions or coefficients. This re-evaluates the script, turns the product on or off, and transfers the result to Google Ads.

Both scripts are on by default. If you use the Dynamic calculation of max CPA, we set a fixed value of max CPA. You’ll see a pop-up window stating that the script is shutting down, which excludes a product with a CPA higher than the margin from the total value of conversions and higher than 1.2 times the max CPA.

If you use any other maxCPA calculation, both scripts will be disabled by default in the Automatic Scripts section.

Exchange rate update function

This feature helps calculate the maximum amount that can be entered into your campaign budget. This means that you can use other currencies with large values (eg 100,000 Colombian pesos, which is approximately € 23).

In the following updates we plan:

  • possibility of payment via GoPay
  • new XML file caching system
  • export for Sklik importer

  • adding new columns to reports
  • individual product campaigns (gradual launch of products and not creation of sub-campaigns)

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About the Author:

Account manager at BlueWinston & CCS Shopping in EU (I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search)