Maxinaradie automates Text ads for 3468 items from electric hand tools and get stable CPA of 20,25‚ā¨ / conv.

In order to cover the market in Slovakia with a product portfolio of 3 468 items, a clear choice was made for the use of BlueWinston services. Both we and the client had clear expectations, which were a great challenge for us as well from the online agency

Maxinaradie - electric hand tools automated text offers a range of products from hand tools, construction tools, cleaning equipment, welding machines, and many other useful helping devices. The manufacturers include among others: Bosh, Makita, and Kärcher.

Automatization of price provision for clicks along with product keywords in campaigns has had a huge impact on the overall achieved results. Today, after evaluating the data for a period from September 1, 2018, to November 30, 2018, we can say that BlueWinston has greatly supported the satisfaction of the client.

Relevance and effective bidding

The keywords that were included in the campaigns matched customers’ search queries as much as possible. The included keywords accurately captured the various variants that were well suited to specific products.

And what does the client think?

For the client, the most important data is the cost compared to revenue. The total cost of one completed order was in the amount of 20.25 EUR. We were thus convinced that using BlueWinston was a great decision.

Taking into account the revenue earned only from this platform, we have seen a very pleasant surprise.

Getting stable CPA in 3 months

The study used the data for the period from September 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018.

Segment: electric hand tools
Number of product campaigns: 6
Number of group campaigns: 10
Number of DSA-P campaigns: 1

Total number of Products with eligible keywords under Product campaigns
Total number of targeted Product via Group campaigns

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