• new annotations in google shopping ads

New annotations in Google Shopping Ads that will bring better traffic

Google is constantly working to improve its services, whether by modifying old features or adding brand new ones. This time, they shed light on merchants who use shopping campaigns.

New annotations in Shopping ads

In addition to the annotations you can already use in Shopping Ads, Google has added two more. These are Free shipping and Fast shipping, ie free delivery, and fast delivery. When can these two annotations be used?
  • free shipping – this is quite clear. You can use the annotation for “free delivery” when the merchant sends the product without charging any fees. The case also applies if you buy over a certain amount and postage is free only after that.

  • fast shipping – this would need an explanation because everyone imagines fast delivery differently. However, the definition from Google is clear: delivery of goods within a maximum of 3 working days, this applies from the time of placing the order, so it also includes its processing and shipping.

Search annotations

What are the requirements for using new annotations?

Here is a list of all the requirements you must meet as a merchant to use the new annotations:

  • active Merchant Center with embedded products
  • active conversion tracking in your Google Ads account
  • Merchant Center products that are marked with fast delivery and free delivery

  • set up account-level delivery as free and fast
  • attributes in the shipping_label and transit_time_label feeds

  • landing pages or informational pages about free and fast delivery along with payment information
  • sell in America

New annotations so far only for America and why prepare for them.

This is an option that only Americans use so far. It is not yet known when they will come to us, but it is good to be prepared in advance.

If you adapt quickly to the news, you will gain a big advantage over the competition, which may be mobilized much later. In addition, fast and free delivery is an incredible UPS (unique selling proposition) to help you gain new customers who might end up competing without your quick customization.

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