Automatic splitting campaigns

We are very happy, that we have just released new update of BlueWinston with brand new feature – Automatic splitting campaigns. When you have more than 10 000 products in one campaigns, BlueWinston automatically splits campaigns into subcampaigns. In this case you will see small “+” mark in front of campaign type name. When you click on “+” you will see all created subcampaigns.


Mark “+” is visible only when subcampaigns exists. All these subcampaigns can be copied and used in AdWords as usual campaigns.

You can of course pause any of subcampaigns:

Automatic splitting campaigns


What are advantages of this solution?

–>> all subcampaigns have the same setting as you set up in main campaign – you edit all these campaigns at once

–>> you can very easily create campaigns for more than 10 000 products at once

–>> you do not need create many campaigns filtering by price, create only one campaign


This is very very time saving feature, especially when you have in the campaign many products (and when you had to divide campaigns by price range).




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