New smart bidding controls to make your campaigns more flexible

Google’s Smart Bidding has quickly become a popular bidding tool. A set of rules that, thanks to automatic learning, can create a tailored strategy, has saved hours of work for many users. However, according to Google, there is still room to optimize and improve the performance of this tool.

Many new features and tools have been introduced at Google Marketing Live 2019. These include new ad formats, as well as updates for existing tools such as Smart Bidding.

Google has added new features to smart bidding. The goal is, as usual, to simplify the work of Google Ads and bring even more flexibility to the offers.

  1. Campaign-level conversions

Until now, conversion goals have been set at the account level. In practice, this meant that if multiple campaigns were running in that account, they all had to adapt to that goal. If the campaigns are unified, it may not seem like a problem. This was, however, largely restrictive for users who created diverse campaigns.

Conversions can now be set at the campaign level. The Conversions” column will show you various actions to optimize your settings. The benefits will be especially helpful if you have multiple campaigns with different budgets.

  1. Seasonal adjustment

Fluctuations in ad performance may limit the learning mechanism automatically. Although Smart Bidding has already taken this option into account, it will become even more flexible in the near future. If you know there is a fluctuation in your ad’s performance, such as a sellout, you can adjust your settings ahead of time

  1. Maximize Conversion Value

You can now also adjust your budget based on volume and growth factors. Maximizing Conversion Value is a new Smart Bidding strategy that lets you use factors other than efficiency

  1. Value rules

Google’s fourth new feature was not revealed much about. Its purpose will be splitting conversion values based on a variety of characteristics, such as location, device, or audience. Splitting these values will contribute to your insight and campaign optimization capabilities.

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