Set up or reset Default max CPC after bidding strategy change

We have updated few settings about max CPC for keywords in Blue Winston. This is helpful when changing bidding strategy in Blue Winston, for example from Target CPA to Manual CPC.

From 16th May there is no pop-up in part Campaign setttings. You have a new option – to reset Default maxCPC or set up maxCPC for all keywords to be set to Auto (as fixed value or calculated by Blue Winston)

Set up or reset Default max CPC after bidding strategy change


When changed bidding in Blue Winston (for example Target CPA => Manual CPC), you will see this setting about Default maxCPC and this way you can set up all proper values for adgroups.


We recommend to start campaigns with Manual CPC (enhanced) and optionally choose Use Smart Bidding (Target ROAS). It is because smart bidding needs some data to work with. After 50 conversions in last 30 days it will be automatically changed from Manual CPC (enhanced) to Target ROAS. Here is our blogpost about this =>

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