Non-video paid advertising formats on YouTube

YouTube has a few unique benefits that make it worthwhile to advertise your products. We recently mentioned video ad opportunities to present your business through. But if you’re not ready to shoot, there’s no need to feel sad about it. You can also choose one of several non-video ad formats.

Video ads are efficient, but time-consuming and costly to prepare. That’s why it is very good news for many of you that they are not the only way to reach potential customers on YouTube. To reach thousands of YouTube users, here are three ways you can present yourself:

Display ads

Display Network ads appear to the right of the played video, above the featured video menu, or below the player when the player is too large. You manage ads through Google Ads, like all those on the Display Network. You may need to set up YouTube as a network to display them.

Your ad is shown in300×250 or 300×60 pixels resolution and will only be seen by users watching videos on a computer.

Overlay ads

A static format that overlaps the currently playing video, occupying approximately 20% of its area at the bottom. You can only use it if you run a reservation campaign.

Technically, this is an image or text ad in the form of a468×60 or 720×90 pixels banner. Overlay ads only appear when playing a video on a computer.

Sponsored Cards

These are small ads that typically display at the end of a video and are less distracting than previous formats. At the same time, they should be directly related to the content of the video, such as promoting the items mentioned in it. If people find your ad interesting, they can click it to view it.

Sponsored cards are uploaded directly to specific YouTube videos through Creator Studio. Unlike the previous two formats, users will see it on computers and on smartphones as well. The size of sponsored cards may vary.


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